I Am Back (6 Jan 2018)

I really did not go anywhere.  I just have not been able to make changes or additions to the website since Madalon died.  I relied on her for so much so her death left me completely overwhelmed by all the "on-line" knowledge that I do not have.  I finally found someone who was able to get control of the website for me.  It will never again be the way it was when she was doing it but I, with the help of my computer knowledged friend, will try to prove that I am still alive.  When a person is 80 years old, as I am, the slightest silence makes people suspect the worst has happened.  Other than my vision continuing to deteriorate, I am in fairly good shape.  So there is hope.

I have, along with my old associate, been making receivers.  I am maintaining the list of people who want a receiver.  Even though I have not been heard from much lately, the list has been growing at an amazing rate.  I have made every change that I can make without help in order to speed up production.  As yet, no receivers have been finished.  What is going on is that we are using all the steel that I still had in stock, completing the primary machining on original configuration 1928A1 (2AS) and M1/M1A1 (MAS) receivers.  We are just about out of steel so we will soon be completing those receivers.  I want to start shipping receivers as soon as possible.  I can not tell you when that will be because I am so dependent on others and, with Madalon gone, I have to be in Belize a lot more.  The Government finally got embarrassed enough about my being a part of Belize for over 50 years but never being able to become a legal resident because of a technicality that the just waived the requirements and granted me permanent residency.  That helps because it gives me all rights of citizenship except voting and lets me come and go as I please.

The 2018 receivers are only slightly different than earlier ones.  The main changes are an increase in the length of the bolt channel in front of the solid section and fully threaded rear sight holes.  People making display guns prefer being able to bolt the rear sight on.  Those wanting to use bolts instead of rivets on shooting guns will like the totally threaded holes but must be careful to grind off any bolt penetration into the bolt channel and may have to use Loctite on the threads.  If traditional rivet attachment of the sight is to be followed, the threaded holes can be counter drilled with a form cutter to create the original rivet hole.  It is important to use only the special Thompson rivets.  Genuine Thompson rear sight rivets are available from me.

Changes to the website that I still have to make include a completely new parts page.  I want to combine all the parts listings into a single page that lists every part to every model gun whether I have the part or not.  I think this will simplify things.  I also have to update the WORKSHOP MANUAL description now that the 3rd edition is available.  It is 209 pages of everything a person needs to know about assembling, disassembling and otherwise working on and using the Thompson.  Price remains at $35 + $7 priority mail.  Of all the books I have written, this is the one book that everyone interested in Thompson should have.

The RECEIVER ORDER FORM has to be completely revised.  I will have that done by the time I ask people to finalize their order. 

I am disappointed that I have been unable to find someone to take over my operation and continue to offer the over 100 products I have developed.  In particular, my semi-auto design, if put into production, could well be a whole business it self.  We are reaching the point where virtually every part of the gun needs to be put back into production because the original parts are disappearing.  I foresee my operation expanding into a 4 or more person full time business.  Sadly, it is too late for me.  It is not that people are not interested.  I receive offers periodically from people but the offer always involves me continuing to run things which is exactly the opposite of what I am trying to accomplish.

Now that I have access to this website, I will be making periodic comments but no where near the amount as before.  So check once in a while.



Receiver Want List (28 Jun 2017)
I have created a list of all those people who have been calling me 
(310-457-6400) to give me their first name, telephone number and the model 
receiver wanted. I have also gone through my files and notes of people who 
have indicated that they would like to have a receiver if I ever started 
making them again and added those people to the list. I have left messages 
with some because I needed some clarification. The list is not perfect but 
it gives me an idea of what receivers to make first so that everyone who has 
wanted a receiver will get one from the first batch. This is a different 
plan than I had first announced. If you want your name on the list, study 
the RECEIVERS & BARRELED RECEIVERS page on the website and then call me with 
your information. 

Receiver Order List (18 Jun 2017)

I have been compiling the list here in Belize of the receivers people are wanting.  I still can not walk w/o crutches but I think I will be able to return to California by Saturday.  When I get back I will go thru my records of people who have previously said they want a receiver and add their wants to the list.  Then I will have a good idea about what to make now.  It will take a little longer than my original plan of first making just MB receivers at first, but I think I will be able to make all the receivers everyone has been waiting for.  Then I will start making receivers for inventory.  I have been working on the revised RECEIVER ORDER FORM which is essential for any formal and paid orders.  It is just to difficult for me to handle receiver orders which are not on a standard form.  I am not capable of deciphering letter receiver orders.  The form also helps customers sort out what they want.


I am told we are ready to put the finishing touches on the bolt drawings and to make the 3-D prints.  That will enable bolt producing to get re-started.  With that done, I will have time and the help to get the semi-auto gun project moving.  The bolt has been the hang-up on the semi-auto.


2A Receivers (11 Jun 2017)

According to the receiver pre-orders that are being phoned in, I misjudged what receivers I need to be making right now.  To that end, I have re-written the 2A Primary program in order to start making 2A receivers.  In the process, I  re-thought the way I was making the squared end actuator slot on the 2AE receivers.  I was reconfiguring the rounded end slots on 2AS receivers to create the 2AE squared end which was not very efficient.  During this re-thinking, I believe I discovered how Colt had done it.  I have revised my procedure to follow the Colt procedure although varied to accommodate the difference between my machinery and Colt's.  Although I will be making the slot better than the way I used to make it, the squared end slot is still a stupid design that caused manufacturing problems.  With the advantage of hindsight , I know how they did it but I will probably never know why anyone thought it was a good design.  I think that the choice as to how the rear portion of the slot was to be made trapped them into being forced to make the front end of the slot squared.  Colt probably had made tooling that they did not want to scrap.  In any case, Colt soon realized their mistake and went to the rounded end slot.  There are several other, in my judgement, errors in the design of the receivers that I have corrected in my Improved "B" receivers.  I can understand why people would want absolute originality in the Colt receivers but I can not understand, especially after all the complaining I have heard about the difficulty of barreling receivers with the Thompson-style grip mount, why anyone would want the original "A" M1-style receiver instead of the Improved "B" that has the Screw-On Grip Mount and extended frame rails which make the receiver stronger.  But as long as people want original "A" receivers, I will make them.

Actually, it is getting more and more difficult for me to make anything as my vision continues to deteriorate and age tries to do me in.  In the last 5 months, I have fallen 3 times.  First I broke my back.  Then I broke a rib and injured my arm.  2 weeks ago, I fell down a stairway and fractured my right (leg) femur.  As a result I am unable to return to Los Angeles until I can walk. 

I am hoping I will have additional help with the receivers when I get back. 

I know I need to revise the RECEIVER ORDER FORM before I start finalizing orders.


Bolt Project(18 May 2017)

Here is the latest thinking on the Bolt Project. When I get back to California, we should be ready to make them.

I have partnered with the best machinist (including CNC) that I have ever known to make special Thompson bolts. I consider all of the bolts being made to be of "improved" design. The special features common to all the bolts include:

1) Elimination of the second sear notch at the front end of the bolt body which is useless and creates confusion and sometimes masks a problem with the gun.

2) Inclusion of the sear clearance slot which enables the safety to operate in the "closed-bolt" position.

3) The firing pin is fixed and formed on the bolt face like on M1A1 guns.

4) The rocker slot design is simplified to facilitate manufacture.

5) Bolts are made of heat treated (hardened) 4140 alloy steel.

6) Blued finish.

7) Front corner and shank fillet radii are sized to better fit all receivers.

8) Bolts are finish machined in the hardened state fo eliminate any distortion that might be created by the heat treating process.

9) Bolts are stress relieved after heat treating.

10) All models are available in both .45 ACP and 9mm Luger calibers.

11) Prices are for bolts only. No other parts unless stated.

The following models will be offered:

2B: This is the improved version of the 1921-1928A1 bolts. $

MB: This is the improved version of the M1A1 bolt. $

M2: This is the same as MB except that it has provisions for a top mounted handle and will not accept a side handle. $. Add $ for a checkered 1928-style bolt handle installed.

BM: This is the same as MB but sized to fit the Bower (Philadelphia Ordnance) Type M blank firing gun. $.

B2: This is the same as M2 but sized to fit the Bower (Philadelphia Ordnance) Type 2 blank firing gun. It has provisions for a top mounted handle and will not accept a side handle. $. Add $ for a checkered 1928-style bolt handle installed.

2S: This is a semi-auto bolt for the Type 2 Richardson Semi-Auto Gun. it has provisions for a top mounted handle and will not accept a side handle. Complete with checkered 1928-style bolt handle installed. $.

MS: This is a semi-auto bolt for the Type M Richardson Semi-Auto Gun. $.

2M: This is the same as M2 except that the pilot hole is in the 1921 position. It has provisions for a top mounted handle and will not accept a side handle. $. Add $ for a checkered 1928-style bolt handle installed.

I do not know what I will do with 9mm bolts. But if we can push the boundries ahead without much effort - go for it. I know how to make a "quick and dirty" 9mm magazine for the Thompson but I am not making any 9mm barrels. Years ago, the late Jim Bannan told me that right after WW2 he had seen a whole bunch of new surplus 9mm Thompson barrels in a war surplus store. I have no documentation as to where they might have come from or why they were made. Since they never surfaced again, I assume they were used as 9mm blanks. It was amazing what uses people found for war surplus stuff back then. Camera stores were advertising 1928 Savage vertical foregrips as camera handles. I always regarded Jim as a credible source so I believe the 9mm barrels did exist.


Website & Receivers (14 May 2017)

We have completely revised the website.  In particular, the RECEIVERS & BARRELED RECEIVERS page has been replaced with the latest 2017 receiver information.  If you are going to want a receiver (or even if you are not), please study what I have said there.  I still want to add some illustrations and the RECEIVER ORDER FORM has to be revised, but I have otherwise finally finished it.  Working with the website construction software is about the most frustrating, exasperating and difficult experience one can have.  True, we committed to a particular software 15 years ago so there must now be better and easier ways to make websites, but we are not going to start over now.  The website is not perfect or even acceptable to me but I want to make Thompson parts not make websites.  This was supposed to be done by the person taking over for me but I have not found that person yet.  Regardless, the information is there and that is what counts.  The irony is that most everyone prefers the paper print catalog rather than the internet catalog.  So do I but I was not able to maintain the paper catalog.  The internet is ok for searching for an item you know about.  It does not give an overview of what is available like my catalog did for my stuff.  People like to page through a catalog to see what is available and how it all goes together.  Unfortunately, I am stuck with the internet.  If you have any questions or comments regarding my thinking on receivers or you find some glaring error, call me.


Receiver Page (5 May 2017)

I am not yet accepting paid orders for receivers. What I am trying to do is to determine what Type M receiver models to make at first. I am only focusing on the Type M models while trying to restart production. Type 2 models will come later. I have been trying to perfect the over 1200 lines of code, Master Primary Program. Without changing the default settings in the master program, it makes Model MB receivers. I have used up half my Type M steel supply making the MB receivers. Right now I am at my Belize home until mid-June. During that time I will strip out the program elements for Model MA receivers. When I get back to Los Angeles, we will use up the rest of the Type M steel making MA receivers. By then, I should be ready to start making Type 2 receivers. I have a supply of Type 2 receiver material. I also have two M2 receivers that were started before I shut down a few years ago. We will finish those.

I did find a half finished Type M Generation 3 semi-auto Ultimaxô receiver from the last production. It fits in place of a Numrich/Kahr receiver. We will finish it, so that will be available. I have no plans to make any more receivers to fit N/K frames. At first, I was modifying Kahr bolts for my semi-auto gun. I find that it is counter-productive to get myself involved in any manner with Kahr. The only parts I plan to make to fit the Kahr gun is my detachable buttstock adapter kit. At this time I have included special semi-auto bolts of my design in our current bolt manufacturing project. Once I have those, I will be able to complete my Generation 4 semi-auto gun production prototype. My Gen 4 semi-auto uses a full height receiver which enables it to accept standard TSMG box magazines and properly accepts TSMG drums. Unfortunately, everything I do relies on help from others so I have no control over the schedule.

Please study the new "RECEIVERS" page on this website for descriptions and nomenclature of the various receiver models I offer. Then call me at 310-457-6400 to give me your first name, phone number and model wanted so that I get an idea of what to make at first. You may include Type 2 receivers wanted as well. I will want to know if you want only a receiver or you want a receiver with accessories like bolt handle kits, barreled receiver or complete gun. I will call you back when I am ready for an order.

The biggest problem I have right now is that I have none of the optional parts like Display Pilot Kits, Display Bolt Handle Kits, Screw-On Grip Mounts, Thompson grip mounts, etc. to go with the receivers. I do not want to get myself involved with more partially filled and back orders. So until I am able to make those parts, I will start by accepting paid orders only for bare Type M receivers.

I have a lot of parts for making up complete "guns", including early and late Colts, but not all parts yet. When I have all the parts, I will be offering complete "guns" of every model. I have one original 1928 Savage drum so I will be able to put together a really complete and original 1928 Savage gun package.

I am sorry that everything is taking so long. I never intended to restart receiver production so every thing has to be done anew. And we are all too old to move quickly or work late. There is still hope that someone will take over my operation. I have some prospects but nothing definite. Unless some one else takes over, I will only be able to offer a fraction of all the Thompson products I developed over the years.

Madalon has a new computer so she is now able to service this website. I have already revised the RECEIVERS page. From now on I will be maintaining this website and only occasionally post information of a general interest on the Machine Gun Board. So please monitor this website for information about what I am doing.

Ultimax Receiver Production (8 Dec 2016)

Doug Richardson announces that Ultimax Receiver production has been restarted.  Watch for more information to come.

Belize Trip (7 Nov 2016)
I have been in Belize for the last month.  Unfortunately, the answering system did not work so I have not received any messages.  If you left a message and did not get a call back, please try again.
My vision has been steadily improving  but is still not much good.  I still plan another manufacturing run of receivers but I have no idea when I will see well enough to do it.  In the meantime I can't do much of anything except think.  So I have been rethinking every last detail of my semi-auto design.  I am really happy with it.  If only I could see well enough to make the prototype


Along with the list of semi-auto parts shown on the SEMI-AUTO page of the website, I have several late model slightly used bolts & firing pins available @ $150.  The items shown on that list are all I have left of N/K parts.  As far as the "Richardson Semi-Auto Gun" is concerned, I have finished every last detail of the design but can go no further with my current vision. 

I had thought I would be able to use some N/K parts in my gun but that did not work out.  Every single part that is not real Thompson is my special design.  There are just too many problems with the N/K gun.  Trying to get someone to take over my operation may be impossible.  No one seems to have the passion to invest their time in developing new products.  It is all about making a profit on Richardson receivers.  If I had had that way of thinking, none of the 100 or so Thompson products I developed would ever had seen the light of day.  I believe people would beat a path to my door to have one of my Richardson Semi-Auto Guns if I could get them made.  Somehow I have got to get enough vision to do it.  I do not know how but I will never give up.  In the meantime I keep going through this place finding stuff to sell off.  I have sold a lot of my Thompson stuff but there is still a lot more.  Check out the website.  I am still planning to make a last run of receivers.  I just need a little more vision. 


Workshop Manual (10 Sep 2016)
I am sold out of Workshop Manuals.  I did not think this would be a problem because I believed that as soon as I got a new cornea to replace the old swollen and distorted cornea, my vision would be enough better to enable me to put the masters together and print more books.  That did not happen.  Ater the fourth transplant, my vision was almost non-existent.  So, right now I can do very little.  I am told my vision will get better.


(3  Aug 2016)
On August 2, I fell and broke my back.  A thrilling ride on the fire dept paramedic ambulance to hospital emergency room followed.  For most of the rest of the month I laid motionless while heavily medicated in my bed.  I managed to get to the surgical center on August 25 for the 4th cornea transplant. Today was the first day I managed to be on my feet most of the day. I'm not sure there really was an August after all.   

Telephone (30 Jul 2016)

I am having phone problems so if you can not reach me at 1-310-457-6400, please phone  me at 1-747-204-8346.

Vision (26 Jul 2016)
I am scheduled for cornea transplant surgery on August 25.  Hopefully my eyesight will be improved because right now I can barely function.  


Eyesight, etc. (5 July 2016)
My vision continued to deteriorate after all the sutures from my rejected transplanted cornea were removed.  My vision is now so bad that I can no longer read even with my magnifier.  Do not even think about e-mailing me.  I don't look for them because I can not read them.  You will have to use the telephone if you want to talk to me.  I do not understand why people are so reluctant to use the telephone.  People apologize for wanting to call me, which is what I ask people to do and then they send me a 6 page e-mail which I don't want and can not read.
Make your orders short and clear because other people have to figure them out. 
I am trying to make arrangements to get a new cornea but I have so many eye problems other than the cornea that even a good cornea will barely get me functioning. 
 I am still working on the bolts and frames projects but without better vision I can not lead the effort.
While I was in Belize, Madalon and I got the website finished.  All it needs now is a listing of all the parts I have. 
I am trying to get an inventory of all the M1/M1A1 parts kits I have in anticipation of finishing them out with receivers.  I have my assistant on that but everything moves so slowly now that I have to rely on others who do not have the same enthusiasm I have.
As far as selling the business is concerned, we updated that page on the website.  Interested people should check that out.  However, with the vision deteriorating, I do not know how much help I can be to a buyer at this time.  Right now almost nothing.  I think everything will just have to be placed on hold until I can get the cornea issue resolved. 
Plans (27 May 2016)
I plan on leaving for Belize in a week and stay for a month.  So, if anyone is going to be desperate for some Thompson item from me, better get going.  My town ride was late last week so I did not get anything shipped. 

A whole pile of packages will go out tomorrow.  Progress, although at a snail's pace, is being made on the bolts and frames manufacturing projects.  When I get back I will be getting a new cornea transplant.  Unfortunately, none of the local hospitals will provide corneas because Obamacare is so far behind in paying claims.  My medical transport company says they haven't been paid in 8 months.  Don't worry.  If Hillary gets in we can count on 8 more years of Obama disasters.  No body knows what Trump would do but he is our only hope.  I voted Libertarian the last two elections but this time I will vote for Trump. 

 If there still is a medical system when I get back, I will get the new cornea and, hopefully, enough vision to make receivers.


Sight Rivet Hole Cutter (21 May 2016)
I have a few more of these available at $15


Back Orders (16 May (2016)
My assistant finally showed up after being gone for 2-1/2 weeks.  So, most back orders are ready to go as soon as my transportation provider comes sometime this week.
In the meantime, we are assembling M1 frames.  Once I get all the frames (approx. 150) assembled, I will be able to figure out what parts I have available for sale.  I plan to make one last run of receivers to go with the frames in order to make up complete guns.  At that time I will also make the other receiver models.  Of course, a lot depends on getting a new cornea in a couple of months that gives me some vision.
Work continues on my partnering to make bolts and special frames.
I have given up trying to find some one to buy my Thompson business.  It just seems to be overwhelming to people.  It really is not that difficult because I have documented everything.  When people see the extent of the documentation I just on how to make all my products they are amazed.  I still have hopes that someone will buy the shop who wants to partner with me on making the Thompson stuff.  That takes the unknowns out of my business but it still requires a person with the right circumstances and the passion for Thompson.  It would be a shame for all my Thompson work to end up in the dumpster.
I have not given up on making the Kahr buttstock adaptors and some of the other products but I do not anticipate  making any of the tools.  If I make all receivers to accept my Screw-On Grip Mount, there really will not be a need for special barreling tools for most situations.


Frames & Bolts (1 May 2016)
The frame manufacturing project is continuing well.  Frames are a lot more complicated than you would think.  The frames we are going to make are all what I call my Model Bs.  These are improved versions of standard frames.  I am resurrecting my old Adaptor Frame that allows a skilled person to make a really authentic semi-auto out of a N/K gun or modify it to use to convert the N/K gun into a select fire machine gun.  That requires more skill and a license to modify the frame and make the conversion.  The advantage is a big cost saving over buying an original TSMG.  Other frames are for my semi-auto gun design and for my special receivers including my folding stock "Paratrooper" gun. For now they are all made of aluminum. 
Work has started on three types of bolts: standard M1A1s, 1921Bs which are 1921 bolts with a fixed firing pin and closed-bolt sear safety slot.  I am also making M1A1-style bolts with top mounted bolt handles with the pilot holes in either the standard M1 position or the 1921 position.  All but the M1A1 bolts have only one sear stop notch at the front.  I am tempted to improve the M1A1 bolts by deleting the second notch because it no longer has any purpose but it can hide problems with the gun.  Apparently, no one but me knows why there are two notches although they think, incorrectly, that they do know.  I will cut the notch rather than get involved with the question.  That is always the dilemma.  Do I make Thompson parts as they were originally made or do I improve them?  Unfortunately, others claim their changes are improvements when, in fact, they are covering up for cutting corners or do not have the original drawings to know how it was done.
Of course, all I can do is the thinking because of my poor vision so I have to depend on others for progress and schedules.  I am interested in comments and questions because I try to fill the needs of the Thompson people.  310-457-6400


Drum Manufacturing  (24 Apr 2016)
If anyone is interested in manufacturing drum magazines, I am willing to accept a deposit to guarantee the return of all drum manufacturing items I have which I would provide.  I would partner in return for a royalty on each drum manufactured.  I can no longer afford to store all the parts made with the tooling.  I will hang on to the tooling but I will have to scrap all the parts, particularly the drum bodies which take up  a lot of space.  I am doing everything I can to prevent the loss to us all of all this Thompson stuff I am sitting on.
 Eye Sight (24 Apr 2016)
One third of the sutures have been removed from my rejected cornea transplanted eye.  This releases the cornea to reshape itself for good or bad.  Bad for me as the reshaping cornea is destroying what little sight I had. Two more removals and then I get a new cornea and try again.  In the meantime I can barely function.  I could do better with orders but people insist on sending me hand written orders on scraps of paper I can not read.  Sometimes no name, address that is not decipherable and no telephone number.  Then it gets followed up with an e-mail even though I repeatedly state I can not deal with e-mails.  Today I tried to get all the remaining orders shipped.  I had to give up because I could not decipher them.  I will try again when someone shows up to help me.  There is hope that in a few months I will have a new cornea.  It is my intention to make a final manufacturing run of receivers in a few months.  I need to do this because I have a lot of M1A1 parts that I want to complete into guns.  I am currently partnering with others, both in my shop and in other shops, to manufacture M1A1 bolts, 1928-style bolts with closed bolt safety slot and an M1A1-style fixed firing pin, special N/K semi model frames that restore the missing 1/10" from the N/K receivers, special frames for my full receiver height semi-auto gun design, frames that accept any model buttstocks and frames that accept any type of buttstock including my folding stock design.  The frames will first be made in aluminum and then maybe in steel.  Of course, everything I try to do is dependent on other people.
Selling Business (24 Apr 2016)
I continue to believe that selling my Thompson business is not going to happen because there isn't anyone who can and wants to do it.  Even if I gave everything away free, which I think I am almost doing, there isn't anyone who could continue doing what I did.  However, the idea of selling the entire shop as a turnkey machine shop for $150,000 is a possibility.  Then the buyer partnering with me to put all my products back into production with a royalty to me, may work.  The limitation is that the shop would have to remain where it is as long as I am involved.  I am talking to a person along those lines but I do not know if anything will happen.  It just may be that I will reconfigure my product line to eliminate a lot of products and add a few to round out things toward simplifying my involvement.  As you can tell, I really want to keep supporting Thompson.  I have a lot of ideas that I want to pursue.  I believe the future of Thompson is in shooting guns particularly with my semi design.


Vision (18 Apr 2016)
The bad news is that my vision is now so bad that I can not do much of anything.  For some reason, I find out that people keep trying to e-mail me in spite of me saying I do not provide any texting or e-mail service because I am not capable.  I have help getting out orders but it is slow.  The good news is that I have started the process of getting a new cornea transplant.  Even so, there is little hope of any vision improvement for months.
 Selling the Business(18 Apr 2016)
I believe the problem of finding someone to take over my activities is not the cost.  Lack of Thompson passion is not the problem with a number of people who have expressed an interest.  I believe the problem is that it is too difficult to put a price on my knowledge and all the special Thompson manufacturing components that are part of it.  People do not have the confidence that they can continue to do what I have been doing no matter what they pay for the Thompson component.  My original plan was to sell the entire Thompson manufacturing facility but keep the rest of the shop.  I now realize that it is unrealistic of me to think that I will be able to continue on with anything.  I have, therefore come up with a new plan which is:
I sell the entire machine shop being a complete high capability turn key facility for $150,000 which I feel is a real bargain.  It is easy to place a value on that.   I would retain title and possession of all the special components of Thompson manufacture including all tool holders, collets, cutters and fixtures.  The buyer could take over the building area I rent or move the shop.  If the buyer chose to keep the shop where it is and wanted to continue making my Thompson products, I would stay on, contributing all the components of Thompson products, supervise production as a consultant for 25% of the selling prices of the products.  This would mean that the buyer would not have any investment in the intellectual assets or special components of the Thompson manufacturing yet would be guaranteed success making Thompson products.  At the very least the buyer bought a machine shop at a bargain price.  At most he has a successful Thompson business.  His incentive would be to have the business.  My incentive would be that it gets done right and I realize a return on my investment in the products.  At some future time, he could buy out my contribution and I disappear into the sunset.
If anyone is interested or has comments, please call me @ 310-457-6400.  I am doing everything I can to keep the Thompson going and get the receivers made again.
New Activities (18 Apr 2016)
Actually, I have been proceeding somewhat like I proposed above.  I have designed a whole series of frames I call the Model "B".  I have partnered with my buddy, to make them in my shop.  His eyes and hands combined with my knowledge seems to be working.  These frames are for my semi design, the Kahr and SMG.  These are special frames that I have wanted to make for years.  We will see how that goes.
The other partnering project is making standard M1A1, special M1A1 style with top mounted handles and 1921s with fixed firing pin bolts.


Belize Update (5 Apr 2016)

I will be going back to California Saturday to find out about a half human half plastic cornea for me.  Something has got to work.  My vision continually decreases as my transplant cornea dies and my "good" eye keeps worsening.  I am almost incapable of doing anything except thinking.  I have done a lot of that.  I redesigned a couple of my tools and re-thought my whole product line getting ready in case someone jumps in.  At this point in time, I think my best route is to sell my entire shop as is as long as I can stay on to get whatever use out of it I can.  I would retain ownership of all my products and the special items of equipment necessary to make them.  The new owner would then make them and sell them as I did but under my direction and using my special equipment, paying me a percentage of the selling prices.  That would get me out from under the burden of operating a business and would remove the uncertainty of the buyer as to whether he could recover his investment in my products.  There would be an incentive for him to run a good efficient business with little risk.  I would have an incentive to make sure my products were being made correctly and continue to improve and refine the designs.  I am really just grasping at straws in the wind.  I am sitting on something I feel is really valuable.  I have a great product line, great customer base and people seem to really like what I do.  But it is so tied to me, I think many people who would like to take over are afraid that without me, they would fail.  This plan may be the best of both worlds but it will still need a very unique person with real passion for Thompson.  Regarding the drum business which involves stamping that I know little about, unless there is interest in that, I am going to have to start scraping out all the parts that have been made and are now consuming my storage area.  They are the least valuable since more can be made with the dies.  Maybe the best way to handle the drum business is to turn over everything I have and just get a return by being paid a percentage of the selling price.

I do not understand why everyone does not live here in Belize.  I was in the Caribbean Sea a couple of days ago and measured the water temperature at 95F.  We go over to the lagoon side of our property to catch little fish for Madalon's aquarium.  Usually our dog goes along and swims around.  I am always worried about crocodiles but never saw one on our property.  Until today.  They have moved in.  They are of no danger to us but they will eat a dog.  So now I will have to jump in to scare them away before the dog goes in.

Big green parrots have built a nest in one of our dead trees.  Get near them and they really start screaming.

A while back a sea turtle broke through our pool fence to build a nest and then could not get back out.  It took a whole gang of people lifting and pulling it, but it got back to the sea to return next year.

I have heard that people are beating the bushes looking for M1 frames.  I do not know why they don't just ask me.  I have them at $385

I do not know how our M1A1 bolt manufacturing project is going.  I will find out soon.  In the meantime of thinking, I think it would be a good idea to make 1921 bolts with a fixed firing pin, closed-bolt safety slot and delete the second sear notch.  I think that would be a good improvement.  Boy, am I frustrated just sitting around thinking.  Maybe there is hope?


Paratrooper Thompson (12 Feb 2016)

I have finished the design details and made some prototype mockups of the last Thompson gun I have wanted to offer.  I call it the "Paratrooper".  It uses one of my M2 receivers made in aluminum with the rear end configured to accept an UZI folding stock.  The gun also uses my  Model B frame in aluminum.  I have gotten a lot of requests for a Thompson of this configuration.  I think it all started with some movie involving a submarine where a guy had a Thompson with a folding stock.  It was obviously a movie prop, but the idea took hold.  It is frustrating for me to not be able to go out in the shop and make the gun but I never give up trying.  Either I will eventually be able to re-start receiver production or maybe someone else will take over.


UZI Buttstock (2 Feb 2016)
I finished the Uzi folding stock / Thompson design and built a mockup to prove the design.  It has been a project of mine for a while because the only thing the Thompson lacked was a folding stock.  And it is fun to think about what could be. 

The design uses a modified receiver and frame.  I imagine using my M2 receiver.  Receiver and frame should be aluminum which goes along with the folding stock configuration. 

That is the last receiver concept that I have wanted to work out.  Unfortunately, everything is on hold until I get some vision or some one takes over my operation.  Either way, I try to keep ahead on the engineering and Thompson ideas so that everything is always ready to go.


End Of Receivers (26 Jan 2016)
I packed up the last finished receiver for shipment. 

All that is left is one unfinished pre-Ultimax 1928A1.  It has all the markings.  It is complete except that it does not have a feed ramp, extractor slot or barrel socket and the drum entry corner rounding which is not important. It is not blued but I could do that at no charge if the buyer is not in a hurry.  It has the bore drilled.  It looks like a finished receiver and would make a great display if fitted with a dummy barrel.  The price is $300 less than Ultimax plus another $200 less because it is unfinished.  That makes the receiver $385 plus $266 for the markings plus $18 shipping. 

Someone could finish this receiver into a shooter with the proper license but it would take a lot of work.  There are scrap receivers and pieces which I take to the gun show because they are too difficult to describe.  Prices vary.  The maximum price is $150.  If interested, I will try to find what is wanted.  Now that the receivers are all gone, I will focus on some old back orders and try to finish an inventory of the parts still available. 

 There are some Breech Entry Countersinks, Pivot Plate Tools and some other tools left as shown on the website TOOLS page.  I am being prepped for a new cornea transplant.  Maybe there is hope for the future but right now I am so blind I can hardly do anything.


Workshop Manual Shipping (21 Jan 2016)
The Post Office has AGAIN raised the price of shipping.  I can no longer ship Workshop Manuals for $6.  The new HIS is now $7 for Priority Mail.  I could ship Media Mail for about $4 but no one seems to want to wait 2 weeks instead of 2 or 3 days.  So if you want a copy of the 204 page second edition of the Workshop Manual  sent separately put $42 in cash, check or money order in an envelope with your shipping address and I will send you a Manual.  No need to write me a letter.  Just send $42 and I will know what to do.  I do not wait for checks to clear for the Manuals because I know that people want their book as soon as possible.  I still have to wait for a ride to the Post Office so that can take up to a week.  I have a few copies left before I will have to get more printed.  The response has been overwhelming.  I am happy that so many people find the book helpful.

Back From Belize (18 Jan 2016)

While I was in Belize I started working on the new Thompson Technical book.  Strangely, I am so blind now I can't do much but I can write on the computer. 

I just finished going through the mail and new orders.  There are no more Ultimax receivers at all.  No where. No way.  There are none.  There are no more 1928s of any kind other than one pre-Ultimax that was never finished.  It would make a good  display with a dummy barrel, etc. or a project for someone. 

There are 2 1921 pre-Ultimax receivers that were found getting ready for the SAR show.  The cupboard is bare. 

It looks like the doctors are going to try a 4th cadaver cornea transplant on me but only after some anti-rejection prep work.  That means I will be almost totally blind for 6 months before any decision can be made regarding any future receiver production.  In the meantime I will do my best to get the old back orders resolved.  I have been selling a lot of the Colt stuff I had built, there are still a few items left.  Madalon and I worked on the website.  It is now up to date with the exception of non-Colt parts.  I have a lot of parts, including M1 frames and barrels, that I have to inventory to get onto the website.


1921 Pre-Ultimax Receivers (26 Dec 2015)                                 

In preparing to go to the SAR show we found 2 more.  They were available when I left California but I don't what orders are waiting in my mailbox.  You can call me in Belize at 818-627- 5019.

Vision (14 Dec 2015)
Things went from bad to terrible.  The third cornea rejected.  I now have the worst vision I have ever had.  I am barely able to function  without help.  Madalon was here for the SAR show which helped a lot but she is now back in Belize.  I leave for Belize Friday.  The doctors tell me that the likelihood of a successful 4th transplant is very poor.  When I get back from Belize they are going to see if they can implant an artificial cornea.  There is still hope but there is no way I will have any improvement in vision for months. 

Post Office (14 Dec 2015)

In their never ending search to find new ways to irritate their customers, the Post Office has done it again.  When I would go in and hand the window clerk a pile of catalogs they told me to pre-stamp them and drop them in the box rather than require the clerk to stamp each one.  I did that with the Workshop Manuals.  Pre-packaged and pre-stamped allowed me to receive orders and hand the carrier the Manuals to fill the previous day's orders.  One day turn around and the window clerk was out of the loop.  Now they tell me that is only for packages that weigh less than 13 ounces.  Apparently, there is a threat to national security if the package weighs 14 ounces but not if it weighs 12 ounces.  What bone head thought that up?  So now I will only be able to send out Manuals when I can get a ride to the Post Office during their inconvenient hours and have the time to stand in their lines and then be entertained by their charming clerks.

Receivers (29 Nov 2015)

As of today there is 1 pre-Ultimax 1921 Colt and 2 1928A1 pre-Ultimaxes at $300 less than Ultimax.  The only difference is in the level of completion of the bolt channel where the main difference is that the lock ramps are not done.  There are still 3 M2M Ultimaxes.  These are my redesign of the M1 receiver.  People like the M2 but the problem is that they use my Screw-On Grip Mount.  Normally, that would be a real good thing.  But since I do not have any of the Grip Mounts and can not guarantee that I will be able to make more, I think people are afraid to order an M2.  My plan is that in the event I can not provide the Grip Mounts in the future, I will provide a kit for $10 postpaid that will include the steel material, 2 special screws and a drawing which will enable a person to have a local shop make it.  However, I am so set-up to make them and I need several of them as well as some other items I need to finish up my operation, I believe I will get them made.


Thompson Business For Sale (29 Nov 2015)

I have replaced the THOMPSON BUSINESS FOR SALE page with a more comprehensive information page to assist those trying to figure out how they can take over from me.  If you are one of those people, please review that information.  I know that a lot of people do not want to see all my Thompson work end.  However, very few if any possess the combination of passion, knowledge and ability needed to do it.  I left off money because I do not see that as the major problem.  For even more information call me.


Orders (26 Nov 2015)

Most all the rest of the orders went out yesterday.  I have been able to make up some Display Bolt Handle Kits for the 21 & 28 Ultimax receivers.  I will send those out to fill back orders for those.  No pilots yet.


In California (22 Nov 2015)

I have managed to find and get a few more receivers finished up.  There are two 1921/8 pre-Ultimax with WW2 1928A1 markings and one M1A1 Ultimax with markings.


In California (22 Nov 2015)

Madalon got my computer set up so I can work on the Website.  I have made a lot of updates and added a new Page called "MAGAZINES".  I have gone through all the magazines I have and finally made an inventory.  There is everything there from Colt "C" drums to box magazine parts.  I am trying to dig out all the Thompson items I have and get them listed.  I am still working on the parts I have.  I do have a lot of M1 frames that I am trying to assemble and get listed.  Call me regarding your parts needs.  I have revised the COLT STUFF website Page because I have sold so many Colt items.  If you want Colt stuff check out that Page.  I still have a few genuine Colt frames and a couple of pre-Ultimax Colt receivers.  There is also one pre-Ultimax M1A1 receiver and a few Ultimax M2s.

I have once again partnered with the same person I partnered with to make the 1921 actuators and you know how good those turned out.  We are making M1A1 and M2 bolts.  The M2 bolt is an M1A1 bolt with a top mounted bolt handle and the pilot hole in the 1921/8 position.  That style would be used in my 2M2 receivers and the next version of my 2MM and M2 receivers.  I just could not bear to discontinue my M2 receiver as originally planned.  Instead, I have come up with a new receiver configuration  It will be called the M1B.  It is a standard M1 receiver except it will have the frame rails extended all the way back, use the Screw-On Grip Mount, have the bolt handle on the left side and incorporate some other 2M2 features.  Of course, everything is conditioned on my vision improving and/or finding someone to carry on my work.  People keep asking me when I am going to make a decision as to whether I am going to make more receivers.  That  is not my decision to make.  I have no control over my vision.  Last Thursday I went in for a regular eye check up only to find out that my third cornea transplant has rejected.  It now seems that the last 7 months of misery was for nothing.  My vision is now worse than it has ever been.  There are people who are serious prospects to take over but nothing has been finalized. 

I finally got a huge number (for me) orders out.  There is one more pile here that will go out next week.  Normally, if I receive an order with anything other than cash or a U.S. Postal Money Order, I wait at least 14 days for the check to clear just like my ORDERING INFORMATION Page says.  So please do not call about an order before that time passes.  Believe it or not, a guy called me on Saturday wanting to know why he had not received his order  It turned out he had mailed his order from New Jersey two days earlier. 

I am shipping Workshop Manual 2s as soon as I get an order.  If a $41 check falls out of an envelop that has a return address on it, the Manual goes out the next day.  No need to write me a letter I can not read. The response has been overwhelming.  The Manual got finished 2 weeks before my vision failed again.

Shutting Down (12 Nov 2015)

Madalon leaves for California tomorrow for Thanksgiving and the SAR show so there will be no more postings for about a month.  The Workshop Manuals will be back from the printer tomorrow  and I have help with the orders. . Everything has been found so most orders will be shipped early next week.


Workshop Manual (13 Nov 2015)
If you want a copy, you can save us both work by not writing a letter.  If I get an envelope with a return address on it and $41 (cash, check or money order) inside, I will immediately mail out a Manual. 

Colt Frame (12 Nov 2015)

This is a pre-Ultimax receiver fitted with an original Colt frame assembly.  I can put 2 of these together.  Not cheap.  The Colt frame goes for $3000.  But the combination gets very close to a $50,000 Colt gun.



Thompson Pin (12 Nov 2015)
I have some of these pewter 2-stud pins for $10 each to decorate your hat or gun case.

Plate (12 Nov 2015)

This 1-3/4" x 4" x 1/16" steel plate engraved with M1A1 markings would male a nice label for a gun case or wall presentation.  One only.  $35( Note: The smudge on the side was probably from Doug's fingers while taking the photo. I'm sure it is not on the plate. If you want it..ask him.)


Orders (5 Nov 2015)
I finally got a handle on the orders sitting here.  All receiver orders that I can ship are packed and waiting for someone to take me to the post office.  A couple of the receivers did not measure up to my assistant's scrutiny.  They will be refinished. 

 All parts orders are waiting to go to the Post Office or Fedex  with the exception of a large Colt order.  I am trying to find one of the items. 

The Workshop Manual is not back from the binder so that holds up things somewhat.  I made a mistake on a customer's name and ended up reserving 2 pre-Ultimax 1921s instead of 1.  So there is 1 more of those available.  A lot of the Colt stuff has been sold.  I have not had time to update the website so call before ordering any Colt items.


Receiver Inventory (4 Nov 2015)
Now that Workshop Manual 2 is being printed, I have my assistant helping me with orders.  I hope to get them all out within a week.  I am sorry about the delay.  I am doing the best I can which is not very good anymore.  I did give out some bad information about M2 receiver inventory.  I do have 1 with the 1928 rear end shape which was designed to use with a 1928A1 parts kit.  There are also several M2s with M1 style rear ends which were designed to use with M1 parts kits although any
M1 style receiver can be used with a 1928A1 parts kit.  The frame mismatch is hidden under the receiver. 

All M2s are Ultimaxes.  There is 1 pre-Ultimax M1A1 receiver at $100 less than an Ultimax.  There is 1 M1A1 Ultimax with a serial number that the pilot hole center drill went too deep.  That has no effect on the functioning of the receiver and can be repaired by welding and reworking.  Price is $685 for the receiver plus $150 for markings and $45 for the number less $100 for the machining error. 

 There are a couple of pre-Ultimax 1921 Colts at $300 less than Ultimax.  It looks as though all I will have at the Phoenix SAR show is scrap receivers.  Thankfully, I do not have too many of them. 



Workshop Manual 2 (2 Nov 2015)
Here is the information on the new Workshop Manual: 



The second edition of the Thompson Submachine Gun Workshop Manual is finished. It is a substantial improvement over the first edition. At the time the first edition was published, my good eye had rejected the transplanted cornea. I had the worst vision I have ever experienced. I was almost totally blind. There was no way I could finish the Manual. I felt badly because it was so long in the writing and so many people were waiting for it. Others took over finishing what I had done in order to get the Manual published. They were neither Thompson experts nor manual makers. But they got a lot of information out to a lot of people who needed it. At the time there was no certainty that I would ever be able to do it.

A new cornea and some luck improved my vision enough for me to rewrite the Manual. I have included everything I think useful to a Thompson owner and gunsmith. The gun models and parts are identified. Assembly and disassembly are covered along with a section on special repairs necessary to make the parts useable. Other sections include magazines, possible modifications and parts interchanges that are possible, manufacturing a receiver, finishing an Ultimax receiver, analyzing functioning problems, checking out the gun, shooting and maintaining the gun. An appendix includes the instructions for all the special tools I designed. This is not a story book. It is a working manual with information not available in any other book. Make one mistake when working on your gun and this manual will have paid for itself probably many times over. I want everyone to have this Manual because I am tired of hearing the horror stories of what people or incompetent gunsmiths have done to the guns. Even if you will never work on or shoot your gun, you can show this Manual to anyone you have work on your gun for you.

It is 204 pages which is 21 pages more than the first edition in addition to many original pages which were replaced. It is 8-1/2" x 11", soft cover, with a Perfect binding. I am autographing every copy because so many people ask for that anyway. Price is $35. I will ship it for the special cost of $6 if sent by itself. Since it completely fills a Priority Mail envelope, there is no room for much of anything else.

Because of the circumstances involving the first edition, which sold for $25, and my desire that everyone have the best information, I will give full credit of the $25 to anyone who trades in their first edition for a second edition.

The Manuals are prepackaged in stamped envelopes so they can (if I am not in Belize) be sent out the day after I receive an order.

Manuals are available from:

Douglas W. Richardson

9705 Owensmouth Ave., Unit 2

Chatsworth CA 91311

Telephone 310-457-6400 or 818-993-1753




Eyes (29 Oct 2016)
Unfortunately the sutures were not removed today as I had been told would happen.  So I  do not know if my vision will improve enough to be able to make more receivers.
Receivers (29 Oct 2016)
Even if I will be able to make more receivers, I will have to simplify my product line.  To that end I will have to discontinue my M2 which is my redesign of the M1.  I am very fond of the M2 design but it complicates receiver manufacturing too much.  I still have a very few M2s left so if you have been thinking about getting one some day, some day is here now.  All M2s are Ultimaxes.
Workshop Manual (29 Oct 2016)
The Second Edition is finished.  It is 204 pages .  First Edition was 183.  I am waiting for my helper to check the masters and take me to the printer.


Mayan Bush Dog (28 Oct 2015)
Several people have asked me about the dog in the photo.  Here is some information about my dog:



Known in the Mayan languages as ďSacol TzyĒ, ďNahua XolotoĒ and ďSaam PekĒ ("dog of lightning"), this is the dog many claim to be the one depicted in the ancient Mayan temple stone carvings.


The true Mayan Bush Dog is a medium size (about 24Ē at the shoulder) and medium build, well proportioned dog similar to a German Shephard.  It has medium length, coarse hair, except for the tail which has longer hair.  The ears are large but fold over at about the midpoint.  Color is similar to that of mainland beach sand ranging from an ivory color to a light brown  with black on the end of the tail, ears, and muzzle.  The dog is very intelligent and alert with excellent senses and a good swimmer.  It is claimed by many in Central America that it is immune to heart worm infection, but that has not been confirmed.  Whether or not it is immune, it is a very strong and generally healthy dog.  The light hair color keeps the dog cool in its native tropical Central America while the dark areas create warmth to enhance its senses.  Its size is perfect for navigating the jungle undergrowth and its coarse hair sheds ticks and burrs.


It is called a ďbushď dog because It is often found feral in the bush where local legend claims it originates after a lightning strike.  (In Central America, the jungle or rain forest is referred to as ďbushĒ.)    It is said that these dogs were used by the ancient Mayans as hunting dogs.  The dog is not a killer dog, it is primarily a tracking and watch dog and so has a wonderfully friendly disposition, making it an outstanding family companion and house pet.



Orders (28 Oct 2015)

There was a whole pile of orders waiting for my return to California.  Be patient.  I have to get help with them and help is in very short supply. I know that there are a few 1921 Colt pre-Ulitimax receivers available at $300 less than Ultimax.  These look real good when assembled with a 1928A1 parts kit and every one likes the Colt.  These receivers are identical to an Ultimax except not as finished in the bolt channel.  At this time I do not know if I will ever be able to make more receivers.  The sutures are supposed to be removed from my eye Friday.  That will change my vision but which way?


Workshop Manual 2 (28 Oct 2015)
I got quite a bit more done on the Manual.  All that is left is finishing a few illustrations.  I thought I would have it to the printer by the end of this week.  Unfortunately, my HP copy machine quit.  I went out and bought a new Brother machine.  That turned out to be a disappointment.  My plan now is to return the Brother and get my old HP repaired.  More time and no help.  I am trying to get the Manual done in time for the Phoenix SAR show.  Madalon and I plan to be there.


Belize (18 Oct 2015)
I am back in Los Angeles.  I finished rewriting the text section of the second edition of the Shop Manual.  I at first thought I would just clean up the first edition but it soon became obvious that I was rewriting the book into a second edition.  The new edition is 20 pages longer than the first edition.  I hope to finish it in the next week.  My new cornea has improved my vision just enough to enable me to do this.
Otherwise I am completely overwhelmed with back mail, so bear with me.  I have a few of the pre-ultimax 1921 receivers available.  Fitting this receiver to a 1928A1 parts kit produces a very nice 1921 gun at minimum cost.  See the photo of one of these guns that I made for a customer in the guns section of the web site.  I plan on being at the Phoenix SAR show in December but I doubt that I will have any receivers by then.  I will bring what ever I have including scrap receivers for the do-it-yourselfers.  I do not know what I will be able to offer in the future.  Everything will have to be reviewed at the first of the year.  I have some Assembly Pins available even though they were inadvertently dropped from the website. 
All our computers died, so we are trying to get restarted with new computers.  We really liked XP but had to go to Windows 7 and then immediately upgraded to Windows 10.  That turned out to be a big mistake so we re-installed 7.  When we finally figured out how to get Outlook Express to work on 7, 7 became OK.  But all this has put us way behind.
You might find the photo uplifting.  It is me walking my dog (a Mayan Bush Dog) in front of my house.




 Workshop Manual (14 Sep 15)
I have completed the re-write of the Manual text.  When I get the illustrations cleaned up, the second edition of the Manual will be ready for printing.  It should be available in time for the SAR show in Phoenix December 4-6.  Madalon and I hope to see you at the show.


Belize Trip (14 Sep 2015)
I am leaving for Belize today.  I will return to California October 15.  I deposited checks and mailed what I could on September 12.  There is nothing more I can do until I return.  If you need to talk to me while I am in Belize, you can call me at 818-627-5019 which is a U.S. number that rings through to Belize.
Receivers (27 Aug 2015)
For the first time in 2 Yeats, I have run out of 1928A1 Ultimax receivers.  I am also sold out of 1921 Ultimax receivers.  I have a few M1 & M1A1 Ultimax receivers.  I also have 1 2M2 and a few M2s but no Screw-On Grip Mounts for them at this time.  There are some 1921 Pre-Ultgimax and a couple of M1A1 Pre-Ultimax receivers available.  I have discussed this situation with my associates.  We have tentatively agreed to make one more run of receivers before I quit for good.  They will all be Ultimax .  If you want a receiver and what I have in stock does not meet your requirements, fill out the receiver order form in the RECEIVER page of the website and send it to me.  Do not send any money because it might not happen.  Every good thing comes to an end.  By the time this is finished, I will be 80 years old.  I intend to shut down most all of my activities by then.  Call me anytime at 310-457-6400 but no e-mails.  E-mails are too difficult for me so I don't even look at my inbox anymore.

Book by Gordon Herigstad (24 Aug 2015

Book by Gordon Herigstad.  Third edition (2002).  Last one left of this edition. 4" thick.  Fancy leather- like covers.  $125

What's Happening? (22 Aug 2015)
Cyber melt-down:  The motherboard in Madalon's desktop self destructed, finishing off that computer and work on the website.  My computer was fatally attacked by viruses and malware.  It seemed time to update so I bought 2 new HPs with Windows 7 Pro.  Then Microsoft offered a free Windows 10 upgrade.  It made sense to go that route than to set up and learn 7, so we did.  What a mistake! 10 was awful.  So, we started over and reinstalled 7.  I have the feeling that Microsoft made a giant mistake coming out with 10.  The only thing I did not like about 7 was that I could not use Outlook Express with it.  We solved that problem.  Now I have Outlook Express working with 7 which is really nice.  One computer is now ready to use so maybe I can post some blogs again.  I could no longer read the labels on the keys so I have had to replace both keyboard with ones that are easier to read.  Madalon's monitor went bad so I am giving her mine .  I will try to get a much larger one for myself.  Life was so much simpler before computers but without my computer with large fonts, I would not be able to write my books and other things.
Vision:  It has been 4 months since the last cornea transplant.  Instead of my vision getting better and better as my eye heals, it has gotten worse and worse.  At this time, I can barely function.  I can send e-mails but I can not read incoming without extreme difficulty.  In spite of all my blogs, personal requests and messages at the top of the website telling people to phone me and not e-mail me, some still persist in e-mailing.  Madalon tried to monitor my e-mails but it was too difficult.  We don't even try anymore.  Unless I know something is being e-mailed to me that I can find with a magnifying glass and then find someone to read it to me, e-mails do not get noticed.  I can with difficulty, write e-mail.  They tell me I will be able to see better after the sutures are removed from my eye.
Workshop Manual:  I have almost finished rewriting all the text.  I am hoping to finish it  in time for the SAR show in December.

Update 13 Aug  2015

Doug says his vision continues to deteriorate . He is unable to do emails as stated on the website so if you want to talk to him you must use the phone. There are no more Workshop Manuals however due to the miracle of magnification,  he is writing the Second Edition of the Workshop Manual. Price and availability are not yet known. There has been no decision on continuing receiver production. There are still receivers in stock.

Update 06 Aug 2015

I have not been able to do much in California since my cornea transplant 2 months ago.  My supply of receivers is getting very low but I can not make more without some improvement in vision.  The doctors tell me that my vision should improve during the next 10 months of healing but I have heard that before.


M1A1 Style Bolt For The 2M2 (10 Jun 2015)
I am always thinking about the best Thompson possible.  If one wants the best 21 style gun, I believe the best is my 2M2.  Of course, the 2M2 can be a 29 just as easily but I never liked the 28.  The 28 is for those with WW2 nostalgia not shooters.  It occurred to me that the best option to the 21 setup on the 2M2 would be an M1A1 style bolt that would fit the 2M2 receiver.   That would combine the best features of all the Thompson models into one gun.   Toward that end, I have been working on modifying an M1A1 bolt to move the spring hole down 1/10" in order to match the pilot hole on the 2M2 receiver.  I like the idea so much I started dreaming about making new bolts.  We need M1A1 bolts anyway so why not make both.  Someone needs to make bolts.  So far I have not found anyone interested.  I have all the engineering.  Kahr 's bolts seem to have finally achieved some quality.  Does anyone know who makes the Kahr bolts?  At least that would be a starting point.
Barrel Vise (29 May 2015)
Barrel Vises are sold out.  I have some of the clamps so it might be worth trying to make the matching bodies some time in the future.  But the status now is that I have no more barreling tools available of any kind.  My plan is to get the Thompson grip mounts in production so I can offer barreled receivers to those who are unable to do the barreling themselves.  I have my Screw-On Grip Mounts available (which I prefer)  but they only fit my special receivers. 


Workshop Manuals (24 May 2015)
The first printing is sold out.  I started to prepare the masters for a second printing but it now looks like I will be doing the first printing of a second edition.  I do not know when I will get it done.  Any orders I receive will go into a back order file.
Progress (24 May 2015)
I am barely functioning.  I thought I would be seeing better now with my new cornea but that has not happened.  I should see better with time as the surgery heals.  In the meantime, I can fill most orders.  I have most receivers in stock.

Orders (10 May 2015)

I am completely out of Workshop Manuals.  I do not know when I will be able to redo the masters and get more printed.  I am able to fill some simple orders but not much.

Madalon (10 May 2015)

Madalon has been in Los Angeles for the last month.  She can not work on the Website when not in Belize.  She is back in Belize now.
Doug (10 May 2015)
I had the third corneal transplant.  That makes eye surgery #27.  I will have almost no vision for awhile.  Hopefully, there will be some improvement after I heal.  I am available by phone. 
Grip Mounts (10 May 2015)
Until I am able to manufacture grip mounts, I need to buy them.  If you have any you want to sell, call me.

Workshop Manual (10 Apr 2015)

The response to this book was overwhelming.  Every thing that could go wrong - didn't!  The first printing (Dec.2014) is completely sold out.  I need to get a second printing done but right now I can barely function because of my vision problems.  Madalon arrives tomorrow for hip replacement surgery so that is what we will be doing for the next couple of weeks.  Then I get another cornea transplant on April 30.  Not much time for dancing and partying which is what old age is all about.  Of course, if she will be able to get around better and I will see better, just think of all we can accomplish - or not.  Only time will tell.

T-Slot Cutters (6 Apr 2015)

The cutters have arrived from Japan made to my specifications.  Next they get modified here and then sent out for the special coating which gives them a diamond-like hardness.

 SARCO Foregrip (28 Mar 2015)

Right after posting my review of the IMA foregrip, I was sent two SARCO #TMP015 foregrips.  The SARCO grip is on the left in the photo - IMA on the right.  The cost was $19.95 each plus $5.95 for Priority mail shipping for both.  The SARCO grip does not come with a bolt.  It does use a standard Thompson rear grip bolt which I sell for $5.  That makes the cost of both the SARCO and IMA grips the same if the IMA bolt can be salvaged.  I did not want to say it at the time I wrote the IMA review because I did not trust my poor vision.  I thought the IMA bolt was metrically threaded to 6mm x 1.0 pitch and that has now been confirmed.  Hard to believe, but true!
The SARCO grip is correctly made of  walnut wood.  It is unfinished.  It has a much bulkier feel than the Colt and is therefore uncomfortable to hold.  There is enough extra wood to allow sanding it into a Colt-like shape.  But that would take a lot of work and skill.  I doubt most people are up to that. 
Comparing the two grips leads me to rate them the same.  They are both equally bad.  With a little sanding, the IMA grip can be made to have a nice feel.  I believe most people would prefer the IMA grip.
The only really good "Colt" foregrips ever made were the ones I made years ago.  So, I know all about making foregrips.  I do understand IMA.  They tried to make the cheapest grips possible and they succeeded brilliantly.  What I can not get beyond is my inability to understand why, for the same cost of materials and manufacture, SARCO (or whoever made their grips) would make grips that are so bad. 


IMA Foregrip (7 Mar 15)
A client had two of IMA's #AMU1650 Thompson Vertical Foregrip including mounting bolt @ $24.95 each plus $7.50 HIS for both, sent to me for evaluation. 
At first glance it was obvious that the grips and bolts were not made in accordance with the original drawings and specifications, which I have.  I also have original Colt foregrips for comparison.  Unlike others who make aftermarket Thompson products and then falsely claim their product "was made in accordance with the original drawings and specifications", IMA makes no such claim.  IMA states that the foregrips are a reverse engineered foreign made copy.
A comparison of the IMA foregrips with the original drawings and specifications and original Colt grips yields the following observations:
1)  The bolt hole is incorrect as to diameter and length.  This means that neither an original foregrip bolt nor even a rear grip bolt can be used.  For that reason it is a good thing that the bolt is included.
2) The height of a Colt grip is about 4-7/8" whereas the IMA grip is about 4-5/8" high.  About 1/4"different which shows and requires a special length bolt.
3) The length of the Colt grip is about 1/16" longer than the IMA grip.  Not much difference there.  The major thickness is also about the same.
4) The rear end of the Colt grip is cut on a radius, the IMA grip is cut straight but it hardly shows.
5) The Colt grip is made of walnut.  The IMA grip is not.  As a result. the color differs from the Colt.
6) The look and feel of the IMA grip is not quite right.  There is a horizontal groove cut across the IMA grip near the top which is the greatest visual distraction.
7) The bolt is totally wrong.  A Colt bolt has a head diameter of 7/16" and a length of  4-3/4". The IMA bolt has a head diameter of 1/2" and a length of  4-3/16".  The Colt bolt thread is  #14-24.  I have no idea what the IMA bolt thread is because I don't have the time to gage it. But, neither of the two bolts I received would screw into a Thompson grip mount.  It                         may be possible to force rethread the IMA bolt with a #14-24 die, but how many people have one of those?  A Thompson rear grip bolt could be shortened to work but because of  the oversize bolt hole in the IMA grip, there would be a tendency for the Thompson bolt head to dig into the supporting wood.
So, am I recommending not buying this foregrip?  Not at all!  It is a great value.  There is enough "meat" on the IMA grip to rework the shape enough to get it very close to the Colt look and feel to placate the hard core Thompson people.  But how many people care that much?  I would never use the IMA grip as a replacement on a Colt gun but I might put one on my Colt just to temporarily protect my very expensive Colt grip.  At $24.95 the IMA grip fills a real need.  I recommend it for those who can live without a Colt.  As a Colt grip, I give it one star.  As a bargain value utility vertical foregrip, I give it 4 stars.  I would have given it five stars based on value for the money were it not for the thread problem   There is nothing else I am aware of that comes close at this price.  It is just a shame that the little extra effort required to have made it a Colt clone was not invested.
 Order Service (28 Mar 2015)
Some things I can do myself.  Those orders go out right away.  Some things I can not do myself.  If those things require general help, I get the orders out within 30 days.  Anything that requires machine work may take months or more before I get that level of help.  That is the way it is and there is not anything I can do about it. 
I had hoped that someone would take over from me and, with my help, continue all my products.  I split up my activities into four "divisions" - Receivers,Tools, Parts and Drums.  I thought this might make it more manageable. 

The Receiver Division requires a substantial investment just for the machinery.  It also requires Thompson knowledge and passion. 

 The Drum Division requires stamping expertise and an expensive facility but Thompson knowledge and passion are not required. 

The Parts Division requires some Thompson knowledge but no passion and requires only a small machine shop. 

The Tool Division requires the least amount of knowledge, passion and money. 

When a person expressed an interest in the Tool Division but said he would never be able to raise the great amount of money I would want, I made him an offer I thought no one could refuse.  I offered the rights to all my tools described in the APPENDIX of my WORKSHOP MANUAL, a machine worth about $15,000 that would do most of the machine work, all the drawings, programs, procedures, special cutters. special fixtures, source contacts and all the consulting from me needed for $25,000.  He said it was too much money.  I just wanted to see that my tools continued to be available.  $10,000 for the engineering time I put into it was nothing more than a token return on my investment.  But it was never about money to me.  It was about Thompson.  I give up.  It just isn't worth the time and stress it takes away from my life.
I go in for another cornea transplant April 30.  Maybe it will improve my vision.  It can't be worse.


Sight Bolts & Nuts (23 Mar 2015)
They are back in stock

Rear Sight Mounting Bolts & Nuts (19 Mar 2015)

These are back in stock and all back orders were mailed out.
Vision (19 Mar 2015)
It is official now.  The cornea transplant in my right eye has been rejected.  I will get a new cornea on April 30.  That means a year of pain and misery.  It can't be worse than the last one.  Hopefully , it will be better and my vision will improve.

TSMG Grip Mounts (9 Mar 15)

I am completely out of TSMG grip mounts so I can no longer make guns or barreled receivers that use those.  I was not concerned about this coming because I had intended to put TSMG grip mounts back in production or only make receivers that took my Screw-On Grip Mount.  Enough buyers want totally authentic receivers to preclude only making receivers that take my grip mount.  So, my decision is to make all my design receivers (2M2. 2S, M2 & MS) to take my Screw-On Grip Mount and all authentic receivers  (21, 28, M1 & M1A1) to take the TSMG grip mount.  I think this works because people either want an authentic receiver or an improved receiver.  I am ready to start making  TSMG grip mounts.  All I need is some help.  I do not know when that will happen.  In the meantime, let me know if you have any grip mounts for sale.  I also need some M1 rear sights (No side ears.)


Early 1921 Colt Barreled Receiver (21 Feb 15)
Check out the three photos at the bottom of the BARRELED RECEIVERS PHOTOS section of the RECEIVERS page.  Note that there is a serial number on the receiver.  That is as good as it gets.  For just a few dollars more than the cost of a 1928A1 barreled receiver,  you can have the Colt.  With all the levers and plate covering the surface of the frame (trigger housing) it is not very noticeable that the frame is not Colt.  Most people never think of assembling their 1928A1 parts kit as a Colt.  I have enough parts in stock to make one more of these at this time.

Update (11 Feb 15)

My vision has deteriorated drastically. My cornea has rejected. This means I have lost all vision in one eye and the other eye isn't much good. I am barely able to function. I have no way to get to the post office to pick up mail, so using my shop address is working out well and speeding up filling orders.
With very few exceptions the Post Office is managing to forward my mail from the PO box. I am now able to fill most orders within 10 days.
Receivers are available from stock.
I am going to have to get a new cornea transplant so things may improve.

Changes (2 Feb 15)
You may have noticed that I closed the Post Office box.  It was just too difficult for me to get there.  Sometimes I would have to wait 2 weeks before someone would take me to get the mail.  So mail should now be faster.
I am getting a lot of orders for my new WORKSHOP MANUAL ($25 + $7 HIS).  I used to say if I saw $5, I would send a Catalog - no need to write a letter.  There is no catalog anymore.  Now if I see $32 I send out a WORKSHOP MANUAL.  No need to write a letter.  There is also no need to get a money order for fast shipping.  I do not hold checks for Manuals. 
The Website is now very up to date.  Do not order anything that is not shown on the Website.  If you think I might have something not shown on the Website, call me.
I have stopped selling standard parts until I determine my own needs.  Unfortunately, I have not had any help for a couple of months.  If you need parts, call me until I get a new list done.
I have finished the designs for the fixtures, tooling and programs needed to make the TSMG grip mount.  If I get some help, I will make them.  I like my Screw-On Grip Mount better than the TSMG design but there is a need for the TSMG type.  We will just have to wait and see whether  I get help on this or not.  In the meantime, I am going to go ahead making the fixtures.  That is something I can do.  We all certainly need someone to take over from me.  Today my vision is so bad I can barely function.  I will see what the doctor has to say about it tomorrow.


Ultimax Display Bolt Handles & Pilots (25 Jan 15)
I apologize to those of you who have been waiting patiently for them.  I have changed the design for the Ultimax but that is done now and I am currently making them. No date but it is getting done.


Website (23 Jan 15)
It seems like we just started a new era of life.  We managed to publish the "Workshop Manual", get to the SAR show in Phoenix and now the Website has been re-made from info only to an on-line catalog.  I miss the old Catalog and I still use my copy.  There just wasn't any way I could keep it going with all the changes.  Madalon has the Website pretty much done.  There will always be little updates and changes.  If you have any comments about the Website, now is the time to let me know.
Products (23 Jan 15)
Almost all manufacture of Tools and products have been discontinued with the exception of receivers and receiver related parts.  As long as my assistants want to keep making receivers, we will.  I only have a few of the pre-Ultimax 28A1 and M1A1 receivers left which go for a substantial discount.  I have more of the Late Colt pre-Ultimax receivers available.  I am going to start barreling those receivers, particularly the Colts because people do not seem to understand how to get started with the Colts.  Since I make all the parts of a Colt barreled receiver and none come in parts kits, I might as well put those together.  I am short of TSMG grip mounts.  I have already designed the fixtures, cutters and programs to put the TSMG grip mounts back into production.  If I can get some help here with the machines, we will make them. 

Website (11 Jan 2015)                                                                                                  Madalon and I have been working on the Website while we are together in Belize.  We finally got it finished.  Most everything is new or revised.  Please look it all over.  I hope you like it.  I preferred the print Catalog but it just wasn't practical any more because it is too difficult to make all the changes and get the word out on a timely basis.  If you have any comments to make regarding the Website please call me.

Phoning Me (11 Jan 2015)                                                                                                    People are still trying to e-mail me instead of phoning as I have requested.  If you phone me, I answer the phone where ever I am and talk to you.  If you e-mail me, it goes to Madalon in Belize because I can not read due to my poor vision.  I have told her to respond to e-mails with "Call Doug".  All e-mailing me does is delay things.  E-mailing works for some things but one of those things is not getting a response from me.  I do not really understand why people now-a-days prefer e-mailing over phoning.  Direct conversation ALWAYS results in getting quicker, more and better information.  And I answer the phone Sundays, nights and holidays.  Who else will tell you how to fix your gun on Christmas or New Year's eve?    

Workshop Manual (18 Dec 14)
It was a miracle that the the Manual got finished in time for the Phoenix SAR show but it did.  I thought I had taken more than enough Manuals to last the show but I was sold out the first day of the 4-day show.  I was overwhelmed by the response.  I only hope that people find it helpful.  No matter though, there will never be enough photos and illustrations to satisfy me but the reality is that there is not enough of a market to justify even what I was able to include.  I will never make a profit on the Manual unless I work for free but it had to be written.  The first person to contact me after the Manual was published had damaged his gun because he did not have the information in the Manual.  I had heard that story so many times before so I feel bad that I was not able to finish the Manual a long time ago.  The Manual is 184 pages.  It was just too thick for me to use my standard comb binding.  So I went to Perfect binding which worked out well.  The Manual is $25.  I had originally priced it at $35 but I want everyone to have one.  $7 HIS.  There is enough room in the Priority envelope for another of my books or small stuff.
Belize (18 Dec 14)
I leave for Belize tomorrow and return mid-Jan.  My phone will ring in Belize.  Everything I can ship went out yesterday.

Workshop Manual (21 Nov 14)

The Manual is nearing completion.  It is right now at 183 pages,  It will probably be at 190 after I get some more pictures in.  I'm getting some help with final editing and proofing because I can not read the printed text because of my vision.  The price will be $35.  Even so, there is no way I can ever recover my costs because there just isn't a large enough demand for this sort of book.  Regardless, it had to be written and I am probably the only one who could do it.  I have just received too many calls over the years from people who really needed the information in this Manual.  I would feel too guilty if I did not try to help.  It is not as good as I would have liked it to be.  With my vision problems it is a miracle that it got done at all.
Workshop Manual (5 Nov 14)
While in Belize I continued work on the Manual.  In spite of my vision deteriorating so much more, I somehow managed to finish the final draft even though I can not read it when printed.  A Thompson friend volunteered to edit it.  So that is where it is now.  I am hoping to have it available at the SAR show in Phoenix.  Madalon and I are planning to be there,

Belize (1 Oct 14)

I leave for Belize tonight.  Orders on hand will go out today.  I will be in Belize until Nov. 4 so nothing will get done in California until I get back.  I answer my phone in Belize but sometimes the communication can be a little trying...

PIVOT WANTED (13 Sep 14)

I need a checkered WW2 Savage pivot (selector lever).  Let me know if you have one for sale.  I also need grip mounts, pivot plates, "L" rear sights and compensators.
Display Guns (11 Sep 14)I have finished the early Colt gun shown in the Display Guns photo section.  That will soon be shipped.  I have been taking inventory to determine how many more special guns I can make.  Here is what I can do:
1) Late 1921 Colt: This would have a complete Colt frame, correct Colt "L" drum, Colt box magazine, 1921 Colt actuator, recoil spring, buffer & pilot.  All other parts would be non-Colt.

2) Colt Navy:  This would have a complete Colt frame, correct Colt "L" drum, Colt box magazine, 1928 Colt actuator & buffer.  All other parts including sling would be non-Colt.

3) 1928 Savage: This would have an early Savage Frame, correct  "L" drum, box magazine, vertical foregrip, adjustable rear sight, checkered levers, flat ejector, etc.

4) Early 1928A1 Savage: This would have an early Savage Frame, correct  "L" drum, box magazine, horizontal forearm, adjustable rear sight, checkered levers, sling, etc.

Each of these "guns" would be a complete package made to the customer's order.  If  you want one of these, call me. 310-457-6400

Wanted to Buy (3 Sep 14)

I will pay $20 for TSMG 1-piece grip mounts and $10 for bent "L" (dogleg) style rear sights.

Back In Stock (3 Sep 14)

Long Neck T-Slot Cutters and Vertical Foregrip Bolts are back in stock.  Back orders were shipped yesterday.  Also, aluminum receivers are finished.

Long Neck T-Slot Cutters (29 Aug 14)

These are available again.  All back orders are in the outgoing mail.


Colt Gun (27 Aug 14)
If you have not seen the photo of the Colt gun in the Display Guns section that I just made for a customer, take a look at it here.  This gun was made using an early Colt frame and other Colt parts.  If my name were Colt and I had made a gun receiver instead of an Ultimax receiver, that gun would be worth $45,000 or more.  But, I made it so the cost was substantially less, a lot less.  If you want to have a gun like this, let me know.  I do not have an early Colt frame available but I do have a late Colt frame that I can use to build a gun for you. I still need to buy a WW2 compensator sight if anyone has one.  Also grip mounts.

T-Slot Cutters (21 Aug 14)
The T-Slot Cutters are finished and being coated now.  I am told by unreliable people that they will be ready for shipping by the end of next week.

Workshop Manual (21 Aug 14)

Except for final editing, all the illustrations, about 70 pages, are ready for publishing.  The text pages now have to be edited which is something I will do on the next trip to Belize.  I hope to have the book printed before the SAR show in Phoenix Dec. 1.


Workshop Manual (12 Aug 14)
Today I finalized all the illustration pages of the Workshop Manual I am writing.  There are 64 which is more than I had anticipated.  I am trying to include illustrations of every part of every model Thompson gun so no one comes up with a part they can not identify or know where it goes.  There are a lot of illustrations of repairs and every modification to the gun I can think of.  Now I will go back and rewrite all the text pages.  That is a good job to work on when I go back to Belize which should be this month.  The book will probably end up at about 130 pages unless I think of more things I think people would like to know about.   My goal is to have the manual available at the SAR show in Phoenix in December at the latest.
New Website (12 Aug 14)
I hope everyone likes the new website that Madalon has been working so hard on.   After sending out about 8000 Catalogs, the time has come to discontinue the print Catalog and go to an internet catalog.  I could not do it before because so many of the Thompson machine gun people were not able to use the internet because they are generally older.  We are trying to make the site as simple as possible because, like me, older people have trouble with most websites.  When I go on a website the first thing I do is look for a phone number.  I learn so much more by a phone conversation than I could ever get from a website or e-mailing yet it seems that no one wants to talk to anyone any more.  I suppose I will lose some of them but the time has come to move on.  If anyone has any suggestions or criticism of the new website, please make them known to me.


Compensator Sight (5 Aug 14)
I need a WW2 compensator sight.  Does anyone have one they will sell or trade me?

Complete 1928A1 Guns (5 Aug 14)

Even though I own Cutts, I have not made more WW2 compensators because there is so little demand for them. But, in order to make up compete guns I need more compensators than I have.  So, does anyone know of a source for them?  I was told that someone in Poland had new WW2 compensators but I did not get contact info.  Anyone know about that?  Also need grip mounts.  I was going to make them but that  would be very difficult for me now.  What we all need is for someone to take over my business.
Web Site (3 Aug 14)
We are literally throwing the web site together in order to complete the switch from print Catalog to the web site.  Since we are selling out current inventory, when we have time to pretty-up the web site many items will be gone.  In many cases there are only 1 or 2 of an item.
Guns (3 Aug 14)
After rechecking my supply of parts, I am able to make 1 1928 Savage gun package.  That will include a rare 1928 Savage drum which is the correct one for that gun and a Colt buttstock with the added Springfield swivel. and vertical foregrip  This is the gun that was provided to the British in 1940/41 before the U.S. entered the war.  This is also the gun that confused collectors who started calling it the Savage Commercial before my research set that straight (see my book "MODELS").  This gun will also be with the "TOMMY GUN" & "MECHANISM MADE EASY" manuals. This is my favorite WW2 Thompson.  The other 2 I will make will be the earliest 1928A1s.  You just don't see that configuration any more but I remember back in the late 50s seeing a lot of them.  I have not changed my thinking on the M1s.  I will make up several real M1s.  Most Thompson people have never seen an M1 mag catch or even a picture of one.  That's also true of the trip (again see my book "MODELS").  I forgot to check on my supply of M1 trips so that might be a problem.  I always wanted to build a display of all Thompson gun models.  May I can be happy just making the rare ones.

           Thoughts (3 Aug 14)

I was starting to list for sale my stash of Thompson parts .  Then it occurred to me that there were probably people out there who would like to have a complete gun package of the rarer WW2 models like I have been doing with Colts.  I have enough parts to build 3 Savage 1928s or very early 1928A1s.  I am talking about completely authentic guns using my Ultimax receivers serial numbered to match the frame with vertical foregrip (1928)drum magazine, original sling (1928A1), checkered levers, Lyman , adjustable rear sight. flat ejector, buttstock oil can, manuals, etc.  I also have enough parts to make several authentic M1s using M1 mag catches and M1 (not M1A1) buttstocks.  Besides thinking about this, I have been working on the illustrations for the Workshop Manual.  I am doing much better than I thought my eyesight would allow.  That has got me thinking that I would be able to rewrite my Thompson Technical books. 


I hope everyone appreciates Madalon's efforts to rebuild the website and like how it looks.  We will be terminating the print catalog.

Receiver Back Orders(22 Jul 14)

Yesterday I shipped all the rest of the old receiver orders.  They should arrive Wednesday or Thursday.  The file is now empty.  It is a miracle!

Back Orders (19 Jul 14)

All the rest of the barreled receiver orders will go out Monday.  The only exceptions are the aluminum receivers which are finished except for extractor slotting and unmarked 1928 receivers.  Virtually every type of receiver I offer is on the shelf and ready for immediate shipment. 

Website *(18 Jul 14)

Madalon is revising the website,  This is in keeping with the discontinuation of most of my tools and parts that I have manufactured for so many years,  The website will replace the Catalog eventually.  For the first time the website will have prices.  It won't be e-commerce but it will include everything a person needs to put together an order and it will be up-to-date.  If you have any comments or suggestions, call me.  Calling is best for me because I can't read e-mails and they go to Madalon in Belize not to me in California.  If she doesn't know the answer, she will just say "call Doug".  We were going to terminate e-mailing all together but there seems to be people who can't use a telephone without extra prompting. 
1936C Barrels (17 Jul 14)
A 1936C Barrel is like the thick-finned WW2 barrel which was designed in 1935, not in WW2.  But like all Colt barrels, it was sanded whereas the WW2 barrels were not.  The sanding of the edges gives the appearance of the fins being rounded.  They are not rounded intentionally, they just end up looking that way.  The thicker the fin, the less rounded it appears.  In any case, I have removed the 1936C Barrel from the Products No Longer Available list because I can easily finish a barrel to that configuration.  Because the 1935 barrel came along so late, few Colt guns have them.  They often appear on Colt 1928A1 guns, which is a rare model
Back Orders (17 Jul 17)
I shipped a pile of old orders yesterday.  I will probably get the rest of them shipped tomorrow. 
Old Colt Orders(13 Jul 14)
The Colt receiver back order file is empty. Some of the people have waited for years for their receiver.  I promised that I would do it and I did.  The good news is that the receivers they are getting are light years ahead of what I was doing at the time the orders were placed.  I never lost an order or forgot anyone.  No one lost a penny with me.  I really appreciate the faith shown in me during those years of very difficult times for me because of all the eye surgeries.  I believe the receivers I am shipping now are beyond anyone's, including mine, expectations.  That was what it was all about with me.  It was never a business.  It was a quest to make the finest Thompson receivers possible.


Barrels (12 Jul 13)
All the barrels are finished.  I now have plenty of finned barrels that are made of 4150 ordnance steel and properly made.  Of course they are because they are new WW2 surplus.  And they are better finned and threaded for Compensator (where applicable) than Colt or Savage ever did.  This means I can spend the weekend barreling all the back ordered Colt receivers that people have been waiting for.


Progress (9 Jul 14)
1) Receivers:  The latest batch of receivers went out for bluing today.  They should be finished by this weekend.  Except for some aluminum receivers not yet finished, all  receiver orders should be mailed next week.


2) Barrels:  They went out with the receivers which means that all orders for barreled receivers should also be mailed next week.  Getting those barreled receiver orders out means that all the old backlog of orders will be completed which is a great feeling for me.


3) Vertical Foregrip Bolts:  These were sold out and put on the permanently out of stock list.  But, since I need those bolts for grips I will be selling, I have started top manufacture another batch.  So, Vertical Foregrip Bolts will once again be available but this is the last time I will make bolts.  The lot will be fairly small and all the costs have gone up (steel alone is now twice as expensive as it was the last time I made the bolts) so the new price will be $8.


4) Prices:  Talking about prices, Madalon compared the price we charge for a 1921 Ultimax receiver (which is the same price we would charge for a functioning receiver if we could sell them) to the price AO/Colt charged in 1921 in 2014 dollars and found that their price would be $660.  They made 15000.  We charge $885 and we made less than 1000.


5) Workshop Manual:  The finished draft with all illustrations should be finished next week.  Since I can not read it, I will turn it over to a friend to proof read it.  Hopefully, it won't require too much correction.  Problem is that it keeps growing as I find more and more things to add to it.


Parts Box (2 Jul 14)
The photo shows one of my Parts Boxes fitted out with the last recommended spare parts.  The price for the package is $434.  The Box was included with FBI cases.  It was held in the case top by leather straps.  This plus the FBI Cleaning Rod which I also offer for $110, are the missing parts in most FBI cases.  The box was made to the same dimensions as a 20 cartridge capacity box magazine so it also fits in the 1921/8 canvas gun cases and magazine pouches.  A nice touch to any Thompson collection.


Progress (1 Jul 14)

Receivers and barrels were supposed to be ready for bluing as soon as I got back from Belize.  Unfortunately, assistant Sam Slow didn't do anything.  We should be there by the end or this week.  I did send out all the orders I could yesterday.

Workshop Manual (23 Jun 14)

Today the rough drafts of the illustrations got done which finalizes the makeup and configuration of the book.  I wanted to keep it at 100 pages but that was not possible.  It is at about 135 pages. The price will be $25 as of now.  I think that the book provides so much information that most people will find useful.  I suspect it will be my most popular book because it isn't just nice to have, it is  essential to have.

Back In California(23 June 14)

I am back in California from Belize.  Priority is to get all the receivers including barreled receivers shipped ASAP.
Workshop Manual (23 June 14)
I actually finished writing the Manual. It needs a few illustration which I am working on now.  Biggest problem is I can't read it to do the editing  and proving because my vision has gotten worse.  I have been promised help with that.

Belize (23 May 14)

Tonight I leave for Belize.  I will be there approximately 3 weeks and will be answering 310-457-6400 but sometimes there can be phone problems.  Belize time is the same as Texas.  We have been working non-stop on barrels and they are now finished except for bluing.  Same for a new batch of  receivers.  This means that soon after I get back to California, I will have gotten thru the entire backlog from years ago.  It will be like starting fresh.  I have had to cut back on so many of my products due to vision and health problems but with less to do I will be able to focus on the receivers and other things I want to do,  I will have to get used to not being far behind and never having time for anything else.
Talking about time for other things, can anyone help me find original manufacturing drawings for the bipod and bipod barrel attachment for the 1922 Hotchkiss light machine gun and also the bayonet attachment on the 1898? U.S. Krag rifle?

Milling Cutters (15 May 14)

For those who like to save money, I offer reconditioned T-Slot cutters for $175 and 1/2" End Mills for $85.  These are not just resharpened by the local grinder,  They were remade by the original manufacturer.  I just did not have the time to wait for this work to be done.

E-mail (14 May 14)

Madalon used to forward e-mails to me that she could not answer.  When my vision got too bad for me to read the e-mails, she started calling me for the answers so she could reply to the e-mails.  That system has become too complicated so now if she can't answer herself, she is telling people to call me.  That works best for me even though it seems that many people today have lost the ability to communicate any other way than with their thumbs on a machine.  Anyway, if you want to talk to me it will have to be by phone at 310-457-6400. 10am to 9pm California time is best.

Orders (11 May 13)

Some of you people are your own worst enemies as far as getting a fast response from me on your orders.  In order for me to help you.  your orders must be on full sized paper with your name, address and phone number on the order.  Since I am now almost totally blind, unless your order is hand written with a fiber tipped pen like PaperMate Flair or typed in 12 point block style font, I have to wait until I find someone to read it to me.  You just wouldn't believe the scrawls I get on a tiny piece of paper with contact info missing.  If I need to ask a question about an order and there is no phone number, I just set the order aside until the customer calls me. 
Barrels (11 May 14)
All machine work has been completed and now the finishing is in progress.  I know this is important because I continue to receive complaints about aftermarket barrels.  I designed a gage for checking the headspace dimension on barrels but haven't had a chance to make one.  Probably doesn't make much difference to me because I only use original barrels but I would like to be able to check customer's barrels.
Grip Mounts (11 May 14)
The TSMG grip mount design is just not good.  My Screw-On Grip Mount seems to solve the problems but requires the receiver to be made to accept it.  I am going back and forth on this but I am leaning toward making all my receivers to accept the Screw-On Grip Mount and making the TSMG design a special for me.  I am also leaning toward putting my extended trigger housing rails on all receivers except for 1921/8 Ultimax receivers where it is not suitable.  If a person wants the TSMG style, the extended rails can be easily removed. 

Barrels (5 May 14)

Everything else has stopped other than making barrels.  The barrel shortage situation had reached the ridiculous.  Since there was always something that would come up to thwart my scheduling, I figured that the only way to get the barrels done was to stop everything else.  We will probably keep working on finning the barrels until maybe Wednesday or so.  Then I will put my finish man on them while the first man restarts receivers again. 

Receiver/Barrel Headspace Gage (5 May 14)

Headspace is not adjustable on the Thompson.  The receiver, barrel and bolt each have one dimension that determines the when-assembled gun headspace.  It occurred to me that what was needed  was a headspace gage that would check the receiver and barrel headspace after the barrel is installed.  This assembly check is particularly important now that receivers and barrels are being newly manufactured.  The design I came up with is extremely simple so there is hope that I can make up a few.  Regarding aftermarket barrels, the outside diameter of the receiver threads is .848" maximum.  All the barrels I offer are genuine WW2 new surplus M1A1 barrels.  I grind the compensator threads because that produces threads that are better than lathe-cut.  Then I fin them to 1921 or 1928 specs.  By the way, the original 1921 Colt drawing has an error which most people are not aware of.  I don't care what people claim, no new-made Thompson barrel is made in accordance with the original specs - it is just too expensive.  That is why I fin and thread original barrels. 

M1 (Class 2) Gun (01 May 14)

The following two photos are of a "gun" I just finished for a customer.  I like putting together complete "guns" for people because I get a lot of satisfaction seeing it all come together.  Customers like it because they get a "gun" done right.  It is amazing to me to realize just how lost and confused so many people are when it comes to their Thompson.  But it is usually not their fault.  Most have been completely mislead by "experts" that don't know what they are talking about.  I would rather help someone out before the "experts" get to them rather than trying to sort out a major mess later.  I am usually available by phone at 310-457-6400.  I don't mind the calls because I always seem to learn something from the caller.  If nothing else, I get a clue as to what Thompson misinformation is being circulated.   
Image #1636: Left Side View Of M1 "Gun" Made Using A Richardson Ultimax Receiver And Original Thompson Parts.  This Package Is Configured Especially For Class 2 Licensed Manufacturers Who Can Legally Finish The Receiver.  Therefore, It Is Not Fitted With Display Pilot & Bolt Handle Kits But Does Include All The Bolt Channel Components Which Can Only Be Installed In The Receiver After It Is Finished.

Image #1637: Right Side View Of M1 "Gun" Made Using A Richardson Ultimax Receiver And Original Thompson Parts.  This Package Is Configured Especially For Class 2 Licensed Manufacturers Who Can Legally Finish The Receiver.  Therefore, It Is Not Fitted With Display Pilot & Bolt Handle Kits But Does Include All The Bolt Channel Components Which Can Only Be Installed In The Receiver After It Is Finished.


Screw-On Grip Mount (01 May 14)

I just finished installing a barrel on one of my M1 receivers.  It went fine using my Receiver Vise with Grip Mount Retainer and my Heavy Duty Barrel Wrench.  Unfortunately  none of those tools are available any more.  But even with my tools, I still ended up cursing the TSMG grip mount design.  I started lamenting over my being forced by Thompson purists to make my M1 and M1A1 receivers absolutely authentic. 

If it were up to me, I would use my extended trigger housing rails design and Screw-On Grip mount design on every receiver I make.  At least I can relieve my frustrations by incorporating those designs in my special receivers (2M2, 2MM, 2S & MS).  Another advantage occurred to me regarding the tools.  With all my special receivers,  my Barrel Vise and Receiver Wrench (which are still available) are better for barreling receivers that take my Screw-On Grip Mount than my Receiver Vise set-up 

It is strange how things turn out.  I designed the Barrel Vise and Receiver Wrench specifically for removing barrels from cut-off receiver noses which was a very limited application.  Now they are the perfect tools for my improved receiver designs,  But I wonder if the authentic police are still out there.  Would people want M1/M1A1 & 21/28 receivers made to accept my Screw-On Grip Mount ?  To find out, I will accept orders for that configuration at no extra charge but there will be a wait because those would be specials.  Anyway, tomorrow I will mount a Barrel Vise on the work bench and start using it for barreling my special receivers.  By the way, the great barrel shortage has turned into a barrel flood.  In a couple of weeks I will have a lifetime of barrels ready to ship.


Barrels (29 Apr 14)
Barrels are currently being finished so that should solve the barrel problem.  Now I can start getting the 1921 and 1928 barreled receivers finished that so many people have been waiting for.
Late Colt Compensators (29 Apr 14)
I found some more of these so they are off the "Out-Of-Stock" list

Madalon (29 Apr 14)

Madalon was in California for 3 weeks so she was unable to do anything with the website.

#14-24 Taps (3 Apr 14)

I found a few of the #14-24 ejector, grips & buttstock bolt hole taps.  The Catalog prices them at $18 but that was based on me making special taps which I will now never do so these are available for #12 each.

1928 Savage Aluminum Receivers (27 Mar 14)

In 1941 the Savage Arms Company manufactured a number of 1928 receivers in aluminum for the British.  Nothing came of it because the U.S. entered the war and took over all Thompson production.  These receivers are an authentic reproduction.  The price is $45 over the price of the same receivers in steel. 


1921 Gun (23 Mar 14)

The photo shows a "Colt" 1921(1921A) display "gun" I made for a customer.  The trigger housing assembly and buttstock are original Colt.  The receiver, ejector, foregrip, barrel, front sight,  Display Pilot and Display Bolt Handle are of Richardson manufacture.

Screw-On Grip Mount (23 Mar14)

The photo shows my Screw-On Grip Mount both mounted on a receiver (top photo) and unmounted (bottom photo).  Note that the barrel is shown installed in both cases.  That is the advantage of my design.  The barrel does not have to be removed in order to remove the Grip Mount.  In fact, the first thing to do when removing or installing a barrel is to remove the Grip Mount from the receiver.  This tremendously simplifies barreling and eliminates the force applied to the middle of the barrel by the standard TSMG grip mount during shooting.   To use this Grip Mount, the receiver has to be specially made.  All my special receivers (2M2, 2MM, 2S, M2 & MS) accept the Screw-On Grip Mount and will not accept a standard TSMG grip mount.  A standard TSMG receiver can not be made to accept the Screw-On Grip Mount. 


Telephoning (11 Mar 14)

We have been having a lot of trouble with the 310-457-6400 phone connection to me in Belize. I think we got it fixed.

Workshop Manual (11 Mar 14)

I have been making a lot of progress on the book. I think that with some help with the final editing, I can finish it. I had wanted to keep it to 100 pages but that limit has been well passed and there is so much more I want to include.

Orders (2 Mar 14)

I set aside 2 days to pack and ship receivers and other orders before leaving for Belize.  Part way in. I discovered that many receivers had black oxide finishes that were not acceptable.  I shipped everything I could.  Everything I shipped has been delivered by now.  The other receivers have been sent back for refinishing.  Since I will be in Belize until March 19, nothing more will get shipped until then.


1921 Gun (2 Mar 14)
The photo shows a "Colt" 1921C(1921AC) display "gun" I made for a customer.  The trigger housing assembly and buttstock are original Colt.  The receiver, ejector, foregrip, barrel, compensator,  Display Pilot and Display Bolt Handle are of Richardson manufacture.


2S Receiver (2 Mar 14)

The photo shows a 3rd generation 2S (semi-auto) receiver. This receiver fits the N/K triger housing.  It has a full TSMG length bolt cavity and is intended to be fitted with Richardson designed bolt assembly components.  Even though I do not have those components ready yet, I am making the receivers available for those who want to make their own.  The receiver will also accept all standard N/K components if a spacer block is fitted in the rear end of the bolt channel.

Computer Crash (1 Mar. 14) 

Just got computer functioning today.  I am now in Belize and will take up from Feb 19 newest Blog.

Progress (19 Feb 14)
Nothing much getting done while I was in Belize the last time made it impossible for me to be caught up before I leave again Sunday.  I will get a lot of the parts backorders shipped tomorrow.  I will also ship as many of the receiver orders that I can get packed before the Post Office closes tomorrow.  The last big push was to fill all the really old receiver orders.  This time it was to get all my special receiver models finished.  I will not be shipping those tomorrow because I was held up by the lack of the Screw-On Grip Mounts that are used on all my special models.  I didn't know how I was going to get those made because I can't make them myself.  My assistant  took time from receiver production to help me make the Grip Mounts.  So, now I have the grip Mounts and the receivers.  However, I was reluctant to request payments until I was sure I could deliver.   I will take the orders with me and call everyone waiting for the special receivers while I am in Belize.  I still have some "Colt" and early Savage smooth-type ejectors @ $60 so let me know if you Colt and 1928 Savage customers want one fitted to the receiver.  I also have a few of the M1/M1A1 and 1928A1 and Colt hybred Display receivers available.  I will add lock ramps & bevels to those for $100 which just about turns them into Ultimaxes @ a $200 savings for those who will probably never be able to finish the receiver into a working gun but still want to have the ramps & bevels just in case.


M1A1 Grip Mount (15 Feb 14)

I have one M1A1 grip mount I was saving to build an authentic M1A1 display gun for the SAR show but that will never happen now.  $65.  Call me at 310-457-6400 if you want it.  I'm starting to go thru all my stuff so there will be 1 or 2 of things which is not worth putting in my Catalog.
Receivers  (15 Feb 14)
I will be leaving for Belize next weekend.  Back March 18. I answer my phone (310-457-6400) there but some times there can be difficulties with the connections.  I have all the 28A1 Ultimaxe s, 2M2s, 1928 Savages (steel & aluminum), 2MMs and 2S semi-autos finished.  I will do my best to ship everything before I leave but it seems something always comes up.  Had anything gotten done in the shop while I was gone the last time, I would not be so out of time now.  I did finish some back ordered items so that will go out to the shock of some people who probably thought I would never get caught up with their orders.


Orders (9 Feb. 14)
Tomorrow or Tuesday depending on when I can get someone to take me to the Post Office, I will mail out all orders other than receiver related, except for those waiting for items on my "Temporarily  Out Of Stock" list at the top of this blog section. 
It is getting more and more difficult for me to fill orders because I have so much difficulty reading them. I can not read fine blue pen handwriting on bluish paper or scrawls on Post-Its.  If you want to help get your order out, use a black Flair pen on full letter sized white paper with your phone number.  You can not believe what some people send me that I am supposed to decipher.


Vision (8 Feb 14)
My vision is improving simply because my eyes are healing after the last surgeries.  I finally found out why my vision is getting worse.  A brain scan disclosed damage to the optic nerves inside my brain.  There is nothing that can be done about that.
Backlog (8 Feb 14)
I have had a medical appointment every day for 3 weeks.  That really slows down my progress on Thompson.  I am doing the best I can.  Just be patient.

1928 Savage (25 Jan 14)

These receivers, both steel and aluminum, are in for engraving now.  I decided to switch to the 1st pattern markings.  1st pattern has patent dates whereas 2nd pattern has patent numbers.  The consensus of opinion favors the 1st pattern which transitions between Colt  and 1928A1 since it still has the dates and New York address.  The 1928 Savage is the only 1928 made from scratch and is the only WW2 Thompson to have been fitted with a vertical foregrip. (Colt has "NEW YORK".  Savage has "NEW YORK, NY")


T-Slot Milling Cutters (25 Jan 14)
These are finished except for ALTiN coating.  My experience has been that this coating extends the cutter life before needing resharpening so much that the cutter may never need to be resharpened.  They should be ready to ship before I leave for Belize Feb. 24.

Price Changes (24 Jan 14)

I rarely change prices.  Instead, I rely on working smarter and more efficiently.  But, I have no control over everything. people.  Therefore, please note the following changes:
1) Square end actuator handle slot on "Colt" receivers: $75
2) Receivers made of aluminum: add $50
3) Minimum charge for markings engraving: $75
 Frame Latch Springs (24 Jan 13)
Unless someone knows of a source for these, there are none available.  I need some myself so I can put display "guns" together.  When there is a shortage of something, suppliers come out of the wood work claiming to have made parts in accordance with the original specifications.  Of course, they don't have the original specs or it is too much work to do it right.  Kahr makes their own version of this spring but it doesn't look much like the original.  Let me know if there is a source for NOS.  Otherwise, I will have to see about putting these back into production.

Receivers (23 Jan 14)

I got things moving again after being in Belize.  2M2s, 2MMs, 2Ss, Savage 1928s in both Aluminum & steel and 1928A1s are ready for engraving. 

We are currently making M1s and M2s and Screw-On Grip mounts.  I still have not been able to make any barrels. 

Some people have said they want to save money by taking advantage of the "hybred" Colt Display receivers I have mentioned but really want the lock ramps & bevels.  So, I will add lock ramps & bevels to those receivers for $100.  That ends up saving $200 over the cost of the Ultimax receiver and does everything that most people can't do.  This is for the person that does not believe they will ever be able to make a shooting gun but wants the ramps just in case.  I will only do this with the Colts because I have extras of those.

Vision (23 Jan 14)
It is very strange.  I have 5 eye specialists (cornea, lens, glaucoma, retina and nerve) trying to restore some of my vision yet no one can tell me why I can't see.  In desperation (I think) they have sent me out for an MRI of my brain to see if there is a problem there.  Actually, I hope they find something because I'm getting exasperated with it all.


SAR Show (13 Jan 14)
I was not able to attend the SAR show in Phoenix in person but I was there in spirit.  My friends came by the shop, picked up all the receivers I had in stock and set up a table for me as shown in the picture.   A lot of people came by and bought receivers.  This was the first show I was able to offer cash-&-carry receivers.  They were all hybred Display receivers.  Apparently, people realized what a great deal they were without me being there to explain it.  I still have a few of each model left.


Belize (13 Jan 14)
I am back from 3 weeks in Belize.  My vision took another downturn so I was unable to finish the Workshop manual as I had hoped.  Nothing  got done at the shop either.  I was expecting a lot of receivers to have been finished.  They are getting done now.  There are 2M2s, 2S-3s, 2MMs and 1928 Ultimaxes in the mix.  We are now starting M1/M1A1s and M2s.  Next priority for me is to try to get some finned barrels made up.  I plan on assembling complete M1A1 display "guns" with serial numbers matching my trigger housings for those who want that.  More later.

Year 2013 (30 Dec 2013)

This was an amazing Thompson year for me. Maybe it should be called the Ultimax year because that was what it turned out to be. I had no idea when I came up with the Ultimax concept that it would take off like it did. This was the year I finally got caught up with all the years old receiver backorders. It was also the year when my advancing age and diminishing vision did me in, essentially bringing to an end my continuing Thompson progress at the very time when I feel I was really getting it right and just finished the best year ever, I will continue to offer receivers and try to keep some other things available until I donít have much of anything left from my years and years of accumulated Thompson stuff.


Belize (8 Dec 13)
I will be leaving for Belize next Sunday.  I will pick up the mail Monday.  The last mail going out will be next Saturday.  After that, nothing will happen until I return about Jan. 10.  I will answer my phone which will be forwarded to Belize.

Taps (5 Dec 13)

It seems that as soon as I announced that I will no longer be providing the special Thompson taps a lot of people remembered that they were about to order them.  If there are enough orders to justify another production run, I will do it.  I just don't want to order a 2 year supply at the same time I am discontinuing to replenish my inventories.  If I do make another run, the price will be a bit higher because I want to add ALTiN coating which will substantially increase cutter life.  Don't send me an order, just e-mail me of what you want.  If there is enough demand, I will notify you as to price.


SAR SHOW (03 Dec 13)

I will  not be at the SAR Show this year, however some of my receivers will be. Colts, 1928A1s, M1s and M1A1s will be available at the location where my table used to be.  Look between Gordon Herigstad's and Mike Young's tables.

Assembly  (30 Nov 13)
After using my Pivot Plate Tool to disassemble trigger housings I swore I would never again take apart a trigger housing without it and I made a special holder in my SuperShooter case for it.  Now I just finished assembling a dozen trigger housings using my Assembly Pins and have come to the same conclusion.  I originally designed the Assembly Pins to enable trouble shooting problems by isolating the trigger group from the sear group.  That worked fine.  I figured that the pins could be used in assembling the trigger housing as well but I hadn't really had the opportunity to try it until now.  It worked so well that I designed a mount for them in the SuperShooter case.  The Pivot Plate tool and Assembly pins are, in my opinion,tools that should be part of the gun kit.  Unfortunately, it appears at this time that I will probably never be able to make more of the SuperShooter cases even though I maintain the design in hopes that somehow more cases can be made.  I have tried to interest other people in making my cases but it seems that no one wants to do much of anything any more.

Receivers Inventory (23 Nov 13)

Apparently, I did not make it clear that I do not have any Utlimax M1/M1A1, 1928/1928A1 or Colt receivers available at this time.  There are still some hybrid Display receivers available.  Those are between the regular Display and Ultimax but are being sold for the Display price so are an exceptional value.  I am currently making 1928 (& A1) and 2M2 receivers.  We worked our little buns off to fill the pile of old backorders for receivers.  The response to my new ESF receivers has been overwhelmingly positive.  It is really gratifying to me and I appreciate the nice words of satisfaction from those who have received a receiver.  No one complains about what I do - only what I don't do.  It seems that everyone wants me to do more.  I wish it were possible.  There are so many Thompson projects I wish I had time for.  
Barrels (23 Nov 13)
The cutting oil needed for the lathe in order to fin barrels is supposed to arrive Monday.  I should be able to make the barrels needed for the 1928A1 and early Colt receivers waiting for barrels.
Vision (23 Nov 13)
My poor vision seems to always be the limiting factor.  I think the main problem is the corneas.  I don't think that my latest transplanted cornea is not working well but I can't seem to get a firm opinion from my regular cornea specialist.  I am making arrangement to go to Jules Stein / UCLA for another opinion.  Maybe there is still some hope.


Vision (20 Nov 13)
The consensus is that my 3rd cornea transplant  in my right eye is no good.  I'm going to the UCLA Eye Institute for another opinion.  If they are in agreement, I go in for another cornea transplant.  Maybe there is still hope.

Colts (17 Nov 13)

A few barreled "Colt" receivers fitted with early Colt style compensators.  These will be mailed out Monday. Bottom half of picture looks lighter, but they are all the same,


Barrels (17 Nov 13)
I tried to start making barrels this weekend.  It looks like I will be able to do it.  The lathe needed some work done to it so I didn't get very far.  That work won't take long so I should have more barrels soon.  1921C, 1928A1 smooth & M1/M1A1 barrels are in stock.  It's just the 1921A & 1928A1 finned that I don't have.  I still have some early Colt style compensators available.


Colt Receivers (12 Nov 13)
All Colt receivers ordered with an early style compensator have been finished.  They should be packed and shipped this week.  I do not have ring sights or barrels in stock.  I am trying to make them but my poor eyesight is giving me a lot of trouble.  If you want to change to the early style compensator, I can get it out without delay.
1928A1 Barreled Receivers (12 Nov 13)
Barrels are the problem just like for the Colts but I have no alternative to offer so we will just have to get some barrels made somehow.
Barreling (12 Nov 13)
There are 2  main problems with barreling the receivers lf you do it yourself. 1) Grip mounts are the worst made Thompson part.  They are all over the place in dimensions.  I like the grip mount to go in half way by hand and then drive it the rest of the way to yield a nice tight fit.  I have the luxury of having a lot of grip mount to try out for fit.  All the grip mount slots on my receivers are within 1/1000th" of each other and well within Thompson specs.  Yet one grip mount falls out of the slot and the next one couldn't be driven in with a sledgehammer.  All I can advise is to use a file on the grip mount or a Dremel tool on the receiver if the fit is no good.  I was planning on manufacturing grip mounts to the proper dimensions but I will not be able to do that now. 

 2) Aftermarket barrels are showing up in the kits which do not meet Thompson specs.  (Of course the vendor claims the barrel is made to Thompson specs but probably doesn't even have the drawings  required. )  The problem is that the major (outside) diameter is too large and the threads are too thick.  Use a file.  (I haven't checked out the material, hardness, chamber and headspace.) 

 Receivers Shipped (10 Nov 13)
Yesterday I shipped every marked 1928A1 and Colt order that did not require a barrel, a check to clear or combined with a large parts order.  Also shipped standard M2 orders.  Today, I will try to fill the parts orders and start barreling receivers. 

I still have a few 1928A1 and M1/M1A1 Display "hybrid" receivers available.  Those are the Display receivers that I used some Ultimax programming to finish them. 

Since the price is the same as the standard Display receiver price, these are a really good deal.  I have already finished the new programming for the standard Display so the next batch of Displays will not be the "hybrid" configuration.


Aluminum Receivers (4 Nov 13)

I have received several inquiries as to why I don't make aluminum receivers.  I DO make aluminum receivers.  I made a couple of 1928s similar to the 32 or so made by Savage in 1941.  They are waiting to go to engraving.  I was going to post a photo and announce that I was making them but they are already sold and now I'm backordered for more.  I am making ALL Ultimax models in aluminum.  The aluminum alloy I am using is the strongest heat treated aircraft aluminum I can get.  If you want one, send me a Receiver Order form marked "ALUMINUM".  Pricing is the same.  They will be in the aluminum finish - not blued.

Receivers (3 Nov 13)

All the Colts are finished and some delivered.  2M2s are finished machined and are now being deburred, then engraving and bluing.  They should be finished in about 2 weeks.  It is really hard for me to keep up because my bad vision makes me so slow.  I hope to get a lot of receivers in the mail next week.

CATALOG (29 Oct 13)

For years I have wanted to put my Catalog on the internet.  We could never figure out how to do that.  David Albert responded to the comment I had made that my copyright  was only intended to prevent persons from using or profiting from my illustrations and text.  I'm all for promoting my products any way I can. 

I will still offer the print version to those like me who have never much liked the internet or don't have a computer.   


Repro-Barrels (25 Oct 13)
Twice now I have had customers return receivers to me along with a barrel that they say will not fit my receiver.  In both cases the barrels were not original Thompson barrels.  Bad repro-parts are becoming the norm and the vendors are always claiming that their products are "made to the original specifications".  Before you buy into this fraud, ask the vendor to give you the numbers of the drawings they used to make their parts.  (There are 2 drawings for the barrel.)  If they can't give you the drawing numbers that were used in the manufacture of their product, there is no possibility that they could have made their product to the original specifications.  I guarantee my products to fit and/or work with real Thompson parts not out of spec repro-parts.  Unfortunately, I am not set up to do custom gunsmithing, so I can not make bad parts work.

Colt Receivers (25 Oct 13)

All the Colts are finished.  This is a great day.  It means that I have made receivers for every one who has waited for so long.  I will start shipping them out next week.  Be sure to let me know if you want your receiver fitted with a Colt-style ejector @ $60.


My Business for Sale (25 Oct 13)


By Douglas W. Richardson, October 25, 2013

I was born in 1937. My first memory in life was running into the kitchen to tell my mother that I had just heard President Roosevelt announce that the United States had just been attacked by Japan. That was 1941. For the next 4 years everybody was part of the War effort. Most news came by weekly magazines like Life, Look, Saturday Evening Post and Collierís . I would take those magazines, cut out the pictures I liked and paste them in my scrap book. Many years later, my mother showed me my scrapbook. Every picture in the book featured a Thompson SMG.

I started making wood Thompsons which I would take to grade school to sell to my classmates. Every recess we would grab our Tommy Guns to defend the world in the playground. At 14, I was helping the ATF in Chicago identify Thompsons that turned up. In 1957 while an engineering student at the University of Illinois working as a machinist in the University machine shop, I made my first full sized steel Thompson receiver.

My Thompson hobby continued to develop. finally becoming a real business in1962 with a friend. We were known as the Universal Precision Corporation. It was a gun manufacturing business specializing in making exact replicas of very rare antique guns and Ĺ scale Thompson SMGs. I did all the engineering and other technical work. My associate was in charge of the manufacturing. After that business ended, I continued to expand my Thompson hobby with the goal of putting the Thompson back in production. Just as I was about to start production, President Reagan signed the 1986 gun law which prevented citizens from being able to purchase new-made machineguns. So, I started to develop my tool and accessory designs, wrote several reference manuals on the TSMG and manufactured receivers, trigger housings and my various product designs. I became very successful in the Thompson field, not because I had talents no one else had, but because I combined my engineering design and manufacturing expertise with a love of the Thompson that has now lasted for over 70 years. I was never interested in promoting myself or making a profit as I never considered my efforts to be a business.

My hobby has been propelled by people who like what I do way beyond the hobby status yet I still have no interest in making it into a real business. In spite of my attitude, I am, arguably, the worldís leader in aftermarket Thompson products. In fact, there are now about 8000 copies of my catalog in circulation. I am considered to be the leading Thompson expert with a world wide reputation both for my knowledge and designs. I literally have no competition. At this point in time, my hobby should be made into a business with internet catalogs, credit card sales, computer record keeping, employees increasing production, etc. But, I am too old and almost totally blind. Just as the business is starting to boom, my body is starting to bust. It is time for me to quit.

This is not a notice that I am quitting. It is the realization that I must start to quit. To that end, several people had contacted me to suggest I sell the business and let some one else continue with what I started. At first I was not very receptive because I viewed the business and me to be inseparable. I changed my mind about this after reviewing what I had and what would be involved In a sale. Because I manufacture so many products and because each production run of any particular product may be months or sometimes years since the last time, I have documented everything for each product. I could not possibly remember how I made a product and I do not have the time to rethink it. Therefore, when I want to make more of some item, I just follow the instructions. A new person, with my help, could do the same thing. So I do now believe that it is possible for some one to take over. If you have the resources, ability and desire to take over, call me at 310-457-6400.  Regardless, I will continue to make receivers with the help I have and try to support them with some selected products. In any case, I will no longer replace stock for most of my products.


Colt Ejectors (20 Oct 13)

I have a supply of new made Colt-style ejectors @ $60 each.  Let me know if you want one fitted to your Colt receiver on order. 310-457-6400

Colt Receivers (18 Oct 13)

The receivers are finished.  They will go to black oxide Monday.  Probably back Tuesday.  Final inspection & highlighting Wednesday and shipping starting Friday.
Shop Sale (18  Oct 13)
Because of my failing eyesight and age, I am getting very serious about quitting and selling the Thompson business.  Call me @ 310-457-6400 if you are a serious buyer.

Shipping Costs (12 October 13)

I have been losing money on the shipping of every large package I send out.  So, I have changed the TERMS as shown below:

 TERMS: Add $18 ($36 for barreled receivers) Handling, Insurance and Shipping (HIS) unless otherwise stated.

If the order is less than $100 and is for pamphlets, small drawings or other small items which can be packed in a U.S. Post Office Priority Envelope or small padded envelope, add $7 HIS.

No CODs, credit cards or billing. I consider everything other than currency or U.S. Post Office Money Orders to be the same as personal checks which will delay the order at least 14 days for check clearing. I will not ship anything other than catalogs to a foreign country.  


1928A1 Receivers (11 Oct 13)
All non-barreled receiver orders except most recent orders waiting for checks to clear were shipped ahead of my forecasted date on October7.
Colt receiver orders will be delayed.  I now expect to ship them October 21.  According to my count there are 2 early Colts that are available.  There are no Late Ultimax Colts left. 
Display Receivers (11 Oct 13)
When I made the last batch of Display receivers, I was preoccupied with getting the Ultimax into production so I did not have time to finish the machine programming for the new ESF Display receivers.  Rather than delay them I used a portion of the Ultimax program.  As a result the Display receivers I have on the shelf are really a hybred in that the rear end of the bolt channel is milled out and rivet holes are finished.  Display receivers in the future will have the rear end of the bolt channel made solid with sight mounting holes drilled and tapped for screws similar to my pre-ESF receivers.  Because of this, the Display receivers are, in my opinion, a real bargain.  I know many people are not doing well financially at this time, so the Display receivers right now offer a big savings.  A Display receiver can be made into a working gun just as the Ultimax.
Long Neck T-Slot Cutters (11 Oct 13)
I am sold out of these.  Unfortunately, my Japanese supplier has raised the price to me.  In reality, the U.S. Government has barrowed and spent us into a continuing devaluation of the dollar.  Also, my custom grinder wants more money to buy the Chinese goods that have gone up for the same reason.  I will get more made and will hold the price at $195 but it will take 3 months to restock.

Receivers (5 Oct 13)

All Colts should be competed by the end of next week.  If you have not received your Colt by October 26 (except for barreled receivers), call me.  1928A1s are stacked up here waiting to be packaged and mailed.  If you have not received your 1928A1 receiver (except for barreled and/or unmarked) by October 19, call me.  I will be packaging receivers all weekend. 

Please do not call or e-mail asking when your receiver will be shipped as all that does is consume the time it takes me to package one more receiver.  Please do not e-mail me at all as I can not see the monitor.  I am still trying to contact several people who have old receiver orders with me who have changed their contact information without telling me.  If that is you, please call me.

Early Colt Receivers (Sept 30,2013)
I have few extra early colt receivers.  Those are the ones with the square end on the actuator slot. Anybody who wants one of these should call me right away.  It is very I unlikely that I will ever make this type again.  310-457-6400

Colt Receivers (Sept 30 13)

I finally got all the serial numbers sorted out.  I will probably be able to finish the engraving next week and start shipping the following week.  I have enough "C" barrels and early style compensators but I have run out of "A" barrels and ring sights.  I should be able to make more in time not to hold things up.  For those who wanted me to provide original Colt frames (trigger housings), I have been able to do that and serialize the receivers to match. 
Other Products (Sept 30 13)
There is definitely going to be a problem for me to re-stock all my catalog items.  My vision has improved somewhat so that I will be able to make some things.  I intend to support the receivers as long as my associate wants to make them but many other items will not be available after the current stock runs out.  It really is time for someone else to take over but I don't see a scenario where that could work.  A number of people have indicated an interest in continuing my operation so maybe someone will figure out a way.  I have been working on Thompsons for 70 years.  I will never completely stop but a major slow-down is due.
Receivers (27 Sep 13)
I have shipped all the orders for 1928A1 receivers without barrels that were paid for with U.S. Postal Money Orders. I was finally able to cash all the checks I received so those orders will go out after a couple of weeks hold for clearing. 

Apparently people do not realize that I can't go to the post office or the bank or anywhere else unless I find someone to take me because of my vision problems, so nothing gets done quickly.  Also, banks do not call me to tell me that they have paid a check sent to me.  Do not expect me to ship anything paid by a non-post office money order in less than a month.  I already have 2 bank cashier's checks that were not any good. 

I have run out of 1928A1 barrels.  Normally. I would just make up more but, again because of my poor vision, I will have to get help.  I do have a free weekend so I intend to get sorted out on the Colt receivers.  I hope to get them done next week.  My vision problem is really slowing me down. 

I have been approached by several people interested in taking over my operation.  I am interested in getting out of the daily demands but I would have to provide a lot of help because no one could just come in and take over what has taken me 70 years to achieve.



Display Bolt Handle (22 Sep 13)

Some people have complained that they want the Display Bolt Handle positioned on the receiver as it would be if the bolt were closed instead of my choice of having the handle where it would be were the bolt to be open (cocked) as AO envisioned the gun would be when carried ready for use.  All my ESF receivers are drilled for my Display Bolt Handle kit in the cocked position.  But apparently, people do not realize that my Display Bolt Handle can be installed anywhere along the receiver handle slot with a little modification.

Vision (20 Sep 13)

There is now no hope for an improvement in my vision as I predicted. 

Receivers (15 Sep 13)   

I mailed out a bunch of 1928 Ultimax receivers today.  That is everyone whose U.S. Post Office Money Order I had received or payment made by anything else which had time to clear.  I did not have time to barrel any receivers. 
Today we finished the primary machining on the first production 2M2. We will continue to make 2M2s until all orders can be filled.

Receivers (10 Sep 13)

I mailed out a bunch of receivers yesterday.  I apparently confused people (so what's new?) when I asked people to call me.  I only want those people who have receiver orders with me who I have not been able to locate to call me. 

If you have a paid order or have been in contact with me recently, you do not need to call me. 

The people I am looking for are those with old orders who have changed their contact info and so now I can not locate them.  If you have a receiver order with me AND I have not contacted you for payment AND your order is NOT for a 2M2, call me. 

Colt receivers are hung up in engraving.  I have overwhelmed the engravers with receivers.  I am now sold out of M1/M1A1 Ultimax receivers.  I have M1/M1A1 Display receivers in stock.  Actually, there is not that much more done on the Ultimax as evidenced by the only $100 difference.

2M2 Receivers (7 Sep 13)

Production on these will begin Monday.  This is my redesign of the 1921/8 receiver.  I am very satisfied with the receiver design but I did not finish the pilot/buffer design for the 1921 configuration.  I have done that now.  It will use a new style pilot and urethane buffer.
Semi-Auto Receivers (7 Sep 13)
My third generation design has been finished for some time now.  The problem has been that because of my poor vision, I have been unable to finish the prototype of the internal parts in order to verify the exact position of the bolt handle slot on the 2S receiver.  There is no question about the MS receiver.  I can provide both receivers at this time with the 2S having no bolt handle slot or one where I (or you) think it should be.  This may be helpful to those who can go it alone.
Vision (7 Sep 13)
I don't like talking about it but people keep asking.  The night of the 24 surgery, the surgeon called me to find out how much better my vision was.  I said it was the same or worse.  I couldn't really tell because I am blind.  Next day I went in for post-op check.  The surgery was perfect.  He said I would be able to see a lot better in a week and I would be given glasses.  A week later I still couldn't see much better.  So, I was told to wait 3 more weeks and then my vision will be much much better.  3 weeks is up September 20.
Receivers (6 Sep 13)
I have now called, e-mailed or written to every person who has an order with me for any type of receiver EXCEPT 2M2.  If you have an order with me for any type of receiver other than 2M2 AND you have not heard from me, call me at 310-457-6400.  2M2s start in production Monday.  Check out the pictures of new M2 receivers and the M1 with bolt handle slots on both sides similar to the (at least) one made by Savage in 1942.

M1 Receiver With Additional Bolt Handle Slot On Left Side Similar To The (At Least) One Made By Savage In 1942.

M2 Receiver With M1 Shape Rear End.  Receiver is shown fitted with Combo sight and optional Display Bolt Handle and Pilot.

M2 Receiver With 1921/8 Shape Rear End And Flat Area To Accept Lyman Adjustable Rear Sight.  Receiver is shown fitted with sight and optional Display Bolt Handle and Pilot.

M2 Receiver With Additional Right Side Bolt Handle Slot. 

Receivers (3 Sep 13)

I have now called, e-mailed or written to every person who has an order for a 1928A1 Ultimax receiver to notify them that their receiver is ready.  If you have a 1928A1 ULTIMAX RECEIVER on order with me and you have not been contacted by me, call me at 310-457-6400. There are those who thought this day would never come, including me, but it has and a lot of the reason it has is because so many people had faith in me.  For that support, I am truly thankful.  The upside of the long wait was the creation of the Ultimax receiver which has become so well received.  From now on, I will not be accepting deposits for receivers as they will mostly be shipped from existing inventory requiring full payment with order.

1928A1 Ultimax Receivers (30 Aug 13)

Some said this day would never come.  But it has!  I have a pile of 1928A1 Ultimax receivers ready to ship.  I will be calling everyone who has an order dated 2010 or earlier. The receivers in work at this time will fill all the rest of the back orders.
 M2 Receivers (29 Aug 13)
All back orders are ready to ship and I have already called everyone who has an order with me for an M2.

Drum Manufacturing Project (27 Aug 13)

35 years ago I partnered with the best tool & die and stamping guy I have ever met.  Also the slowest.  He has retired at over 80 years old.  I must have at least a million $ in tooling and equipment to manufacture the drums.  The photo shows the parts the tooling produced.  There is about 10% yet to go.   Now what?  Anyone out there want to make drums?  Call 310-457-6400.

Firing Pin Protrusion Gage (27 Aug 13)

This new product is the last item missing from all the tools I offer for the Thompson.  It reads the length of the firing pin protruding out of the front of the bolt face.  When the gun misfires and a light hit on the primer might be the problem, this gage will determine if the hammer/hammer pin/firing pin are ok or not.  $35

New Catalog Policy (27 Aug 13)

I am now including a new Catalog with all orders over $500.

Status (18 Aug 13)

The 24th eye surgery was a complete success---I just can't see.  They tell me my vision will improve.  In the meantime I'm struggling with the mail and orders.  Be patient

Receivers (9 Aug 13)

Yesterday I was able to deliver all the M2, Early Colt, and a big batch of 1928A1s to engraving. The M2s and 1928A1s will then go to bluing.  The Colts will be finished except for serial numbers.

I will be calling people for the balance due on these M2s and 1928A1s,
but not for a week because I can't read the orders.

I will be having eye surgery on Aug 15.  Right now I can't even read the mail.

Blind in Belize (3 Aug 13)

I brought the Workshop Manual with me to finish it but my vision deteriorated so much I canít even read the draft I wrote here in April. I have not been able to do anything. Other than large bold font, I can not read. I was unable to get the receivers into engraving before I left California, so there is a big jam up of receivers that should have been shipped by now. I will be back on August 8. My second biggest priority will be to get the receivers finished and shipped. My first biggest priority is to try to get some vision. I go in for eye surgery August 15 which means a lot of preparation the week before. They tell me there is hope. But they said that before each of the last 23 surgeries. Regardless, I will get the receivers out and I have a plan for getting other parts back in inventory if my vision does not improve enough to do it myself.

Problems (22 Jul 13)

I had to go to Belize unexpectedly. I wonít be back in California until August 10. It doesnít really matter because I canít do anything anyway. My vision has become almost non-existent. I canít work on the Workshop Manual, read orders or much of anything. Iím scheduled for the 24th eye surgery on August 15 which is my last hope. There is some hope since this surgery should correct some problems created by the last one as well as replace my cataract lens.

Receivers (9 Jul 13)
It now appears that all my efforts to improve receiver production have paid off.  At this time, I see no reason why ALL receiver orders will not be shipped by the end of September.
M1 Urethane Buffers (8 Jul 13)
These are back in stock and will be mailed this week.

1928 Style 27A1 Bolt Handles (7 Jul 13)

I have been able to finish up some of these.  All back orders will be mailed next week.

Eyes (6 Jul 13)

I was hoping to get my vision improved by now with surgery #24.  Now it doesn't look like that will happen until August.  In the mean time my vision continues to deteriorate.  I can now not read at all unless the type is very large and making any of my products is now almost impossible.

Workshop Manual (6 Jul 13)

The book is now complete with all pages nearly ready to print.  All I need now is a trip to Belize to finish it.  There are just too many interruptions here.  I tried to keep it at 100 pages but it looks like it will be a bit longer.  The problem with this type of book is that it is never complete or detailed or illustrated enough.  Now that the second addition of the "MODELS" book is available, I am very anxious to get this one out there.  It is also the last book I will write but I do intend to rewrite the 3 volumes of "THOMPSON TECHNICAL".   

Receivers (6 Jul 13)

I ran into a problem putting in the square ended actuator slots on the early 1921s.  I had done a few before but there always seems to be some unforeseen problems when volume production starts.  A new fixture and a revised procedure got things going again.  The Colts should have been in the mail by now but  my man Ben Gonna didn't work out so I replaced him with Petey Pokey. 

Pokey finally got motivated so 1921s are just about finished.  The bottleneck in the 1921 finishing department resulted in 1928s piling up.  I hope to get the 1928s into engraving at the beginning of the week.  There are a lot of them.  Most everyone who has been waiting a long time for a 1928 should be getting it soon. 

I will be calling every one to finalize their order.  Of course, there are 1928 Display receivers (and M1/M1A1 Display & Ultimax receivers) ready to  ship now. 

Since the 1928s are not serialized, it is a lot easier to get them finished.  You can not believe how much more time the Colts have taken because of the numbers.  People ask me why others can offer markings and numbers without the problems that I have.  The answer is that my markings are not like theirs.  I hired artists to copy the Colt markings, including the numbers, so that they are exact.  Others find a font on the internet that is close and then claim their receivers are "marked just like Richardson's". 

I remember searching for fonts exactly like the Colt's.  Finally, I found an old guy who recognized the fonts.  He told me the name of the company that made the marking dies.  So where is this company? I asked.  It doesn't matter, he said.  They went out of business in 1935.


Aluminum Receivers (3 Jul 13)

The photo shows two Ultimax 1928 Aluminum receivers.  They will be marked like the originals with the New York address and highlighted with black lacquer.  I made these because I wanted to duplicate the ones that Savage made.  I have no plans to make other models in aluminum although there is no reason why I couldn't make any model in aluminum.  The price is the same for steel or aluminum.

Models Book (2 Jul 13)

I have just published the second edition of my book "Thompson Submachine Gun - Models".  It is 61 pages, 8-1/2" x 11", comb bound.  This book identifies every model of Thompson Submachine Gun that the Auto-Ordnance Corporation sold, offered for sale, intended to sell or hoped to sell beginning with the Model of 1919 (Production).  It is written from an engineering , design and manufacturing point of view.  As each model evolved into the next one, the changes are followed including any parts that changed, part interchangeability and, in many cases, my opinions and comments.  I believe this is the most important Thompson book available because it provides a guide to all the models and parts of the guns just as my "Drum" book and "Box Magazine" book provided a complete guide to the magazines. $16

Non-Standard Receivers (29 Jun 13):

I have reluctantly marked non-standard (2M2, 2MM. 2S, M2 & MS) receivers with any marking that would fit. 

From now on I will not accept an order for any of those receivers unless marked and marked with the correct model designation.  This will prevent the possibility, which has already happened, where a 2M2 receiver ordered with 1928 markings was destroyed by some one who tried to finish it as a 1928. 

There have also been situations where some one had machine gun markings put on a semi-auto receiver because it looked authentic.  So much so that it fooled the police and resulted in the individual getting into big trouble . 

Milling Cutters (27 Jun 13)

The 3 milling cutters shown in the photo are used in my shop every day to make Thompson receivers. They are (left to right):


1) 5/16" End Mill @ $65
This is a 5/16" diameter x 5 flute x 40 degree helix x 1-3/8" cutting length x 3" overall length, center cutting, micrgrain carbide, ALTiN coated, single end mill. I use this cutter for finishing the front end of the bolt channel on all Thompson models and the rear end of the bolt channel on M1/M1A1s.  Although the receiver drawings call for a 1/4" diameter cutter for 1921/8s and a 11/32" diameter cutter for the M1/M1A1s.  I find the 1/4" is too small because the cut is too deep for that size cutter.  The cutter tends to flex in the cut, destroying the accuracy of the cut and thereby results in wasted time.  Savage recognized this problem when they designed the M1 but went too far in the other direction.  However, in their defense, this cutter was not available then.  The drawing must be slightly altered to accomodate use of this cutter.  This cutter is not needed to finish Ultimax receivers because those areas where it is used have already been completed.
2) 1/2" End Mill @ $95
This is a 1/2" diameter x 4 flute x 40 degree helix x .030" corner radius x 1-1/2" cutting length x
3-1/2" overall length, center cutting, micrograin carbide, ALTiN coated.  I use this cutter for finishing the sides of the bolt channel on all models and the rear end and oiler cavity on 1921/8s.
3) 1/4" T-Slot @ $195
This is a 1" diameter x 1/4" wide x 8 staggered teeth x .030" bottom corner radius x .4" diameter neck x 1-3/8" from cutter bottom to top of neck x 5/8" diameter shank x 3-1/2" overall length, 8% cobalt (M42), ALTiN coated T-slot cutter.  This is a very special cutter designed to cut the horizontal side slots in the bolt channel and the clearance cut under the actuator slot on the "roof" of the bolt channel of 1921/8s.  The drawing calls for a 1-1/2" diameter T-slot cutter for the clearance cut and another special end mill for the side slots.  Everything can be done with this cutter with better results especially if used in a milling machine with interpolation capability.  It can be used in a manual milling machine if the 3/4" radius of the actuator clearance cut is changed to 1/2" radius.  This change has no effect on the receiver and makes life a whole lot easier for those people limited to manual machines.
All of these cutters are made from raw blanks in accordance with my drawings and specifications.  The end mills are totally American made.  The T-slot cutter is partially made for me in Japan and then finished in America. I do not have specific use information available.  I hope to include that information in my forthcoming Workshop Manual book but I have no completion date for the book.
Handling, Insurance & Shipping (HIS) is $7 flat rate for orders under $100 and $14 flat rate for orders $100 and  over.  Add $3 if you want a 50 page Thompson catalog included.
Douglas W. Richardson, P.O. Box 3364, Chatsworth CA 91313, Phone 310-457-6400,


Suppressor (16 Jun 13
My Thompson integral suppressor design as documented in my book "Suppressors" is still the best way to go for the most quieting but does have the drawback of being built into the gun.  I have come up with what I think is a really good design for a screw-on Thompson suppressor.  Not quite as quiet as an integral suppressor, it does have the advantage of being able to quickly install and remove it.  It does require a special Thompson barrel that is permanently fitted to the gun.  If I find some time, I'll try to make a mockup.


Milling Cutters (16 Jun 13)
The special Long Neck T-Slot milling cutters used for cutting the horizontal side slots in the receiver bolt channel have arrived from Japan.  I will have them ALTiN coated next week.  The coating is expensive but it increases the life of the cutters so much that in moderate usage, the cutters will never need re-sharpening.  I should be able to ship all cutters on back order by the end of the week.    
Receivers (8 Jun 13)
All Colts and a big batch of 1928 Ultimax receivers are back from having the extractor slots put in.  Now they are being finish machined to completion at a high rate.  I am trying to get all of them and the M2s into engraving  asap.  Then all that is left is bluing.  It has not gone as fast as I hoped because of more vision problems.

Vision (8 Jun 13)

"You are really going to see well after this (the 20th) eye surgery."  That was followed by 3 emergency surgeries to repair what went wrong.  I went from 20/60 to 20/200 vision (20/40 is required to drive).  I can barely see anything.  Now I am being scheduled for another surgery to remove adhesions that developed between my iris and lens, remove the lens and implant a nice new plastic lens.  "You are really going to see well after this (the 24th) eye surgery."  Sure!  If you want to talk to me, call me.  I can not read e-mails.  I also can not read handwriting.

Bolt Handle Position (25 May 13)

The question has been raised as to the position I chose to locate the bolt handle on my Display receivers.  My decision was based on three considerations.  First, the gun was designed to fire from an open bolt.  It was intended that the gun be carried with the bolt open (cocked) so that it would be ready for instant use.  The designers did not consider carrying the gun with the bolt closed as evidenced by the fact that the safety will not work in the closed-bolt position (1921-1928). 

Second, the movie people use my Display guns in non-shooting scenes.  It would not look right to see soldiers in battle carrying their Thompsons with the bolt closed since that would delay getting the gun into action. 

Third, when I display complete guns, I load the magazines with dummy cartridges.  I think it looks really good to be able to look into the breach and see the cartridges at the top of the magazine, the feed ramp and the ejector.  Why would anyone want to cover up all that?  To make my receivers look complete without further work, every one of my receivers is drilled and tapped to accept my Display Pilot Kit and Display Bolt Handle Kit.  They have also had the rear sight holes so that a rear sight could be easily installed.  From the get-go my receivers have been finished.  I don't understand all this talk about what shop work is required to assemble a display receiver.  There should not be any.


Phila Ordnance and Richardson Receivers Side By Side (18 May 13)

There is an interesting discussion on this topic going on the Thompson Submachine Gun Message Board

Click on the Link to see

It was started by Bob Bower of Philadelphia Ordnance who also makes Thompson receivers and a lot of other interesting items.  As I see it, the more people see and hear about my receivers, the better.


Orders (18 May 13)

I have been scrambling since I returned from Belize trying to get caught up with the mail.  I thought I had done it.  Made a mad dash to the Post Office to get everything mailed .  They had just closed as I arrived.  I did get the new mail out of the P.O. Box.  Monday I will ship the pile of outgoing mail which includes everything I can ship including a few receivers.  Unfortunately, I am out of several items including 1921A Barrels, 1921 & M1 Urethane Buffers and Models books.  I thought I had more books.  Next week I will get some help looking for them otherwise I will have to print more. 

Orders including those items will be delayed.  I found more Standard Front Sight Drivers so those backorders will go out Monday.  My vision has improved some because my eyes have healed from the 4 surgeries in January.  Receiver production went so well while I was gone that I had to order another ton of steel to keep the production going.  There is a pile of 1921 and 1928 receivers being finished up here.  When I get those shipped, the backlog of receiver orders will be substantially reduced.  That will really cheer me up.  I suspect  it will cheer up a lot of other people as well.


Back In Los Angeles (10 May 13)

Everything went well at the shop during my absence.  Receivers continued to be made without problems.  All the 1921s are ready for final finishing.  Lots of 1928 Ultimaxes look to be near finished with many more about 75% done.  I really haven't had time to analyze the status of everything.  My goal now is to get the 1921s ready for shipment and ship out the receivers held up because of the mail theft.  I hope we have dealt with the last of that.  You can call me with questions but I am no where near getting through all the mail so I don't know what is here and I won't until at least Tuesday.

Missing Persons (6 May 2013

I have been unable to contact Mark S. of Mapleton UT. Except for that person, I have contacted everyone who has ordered a Colt receiver from me that I know about. If you know Mark, please have him call me at 310-457-6400. Or, if you have a Colt ordered from me and I have not called you, please call me. Please do not call me about a WW2 1928A1 Ultimax - only Colts. I can not hold up everyoneís order because of a couple of people. This is one of the problems of custom serial numbers.


2MM Receivers (8 May 2013)

This is one of my special receivers. It is a 1921/8 receiver on the outside and an M1/M1A1 on the inside. There were two reasons for this receiver: 1) The movie industry wanted the simplicity and reliability of the M1/M1A1 mechanism for use with blanks in 1921/8 style guns. 2) Manufacturers wanted to make a working 1921/8 receiver but didnít have the capability of forming the lock ramps and didnít want to spend the time finishing the bolt channel. 1) is still a legitimate requirement but the demand is small. I eliminated 2) by first offering lock ramps as an option and more recently by offering my Ultimax receivers which included all the hard work already done.

I have become increasingly aware of the growing popularity of re-enactment enthusiasts who want movie -style blank shooting guns. So maybe this receiver has found a new home. Actually, the real value of this receiver is that it makes a better gun than the 1928. I have always said that there is no engineering justification for the 1928 gun. Savage realized that during WW2 when they designed the M1. The 1921 is a great gun but by increasing the weight of the actuator to create the 1928, the lock mechanism became fairly useless. My 2MM retains the ability of using drums which the M1 design does not. Maybe the 1928 should be abandoned and just use the 2MM??? The 2MM combines every good feature of the 1928 with every good feature of the M1/M1A1 with some additional improvements. It does not replace the 1921 (The 2M2 does that.). If you are a shooter, I think the lineup should be 2M2 (with 1921 components), 2MM and M2. If I were able to sell machine guns today as the Constitution says I can, those are the models I would manufacture.

1928 Ultimax Receivers (27 Apr 13)

No where in any blog have I said 1928 Ultimax receivers are available for immediate delivery. If I say "1928 Display", I didnít make a mistake and had meant to say "1928 Display and Ultimax". I try to be very careful in how I say things because people read what they want to read - not what is actually written. I doubt that I will have 1928 Ultimax receivers for immediate delivery for at least 6 months.

If I had a 1928 Ultimax receiver for you, I would have already called you and asked you to send me the balance due. I donít lose orders or forget customers. I have a lot of catching up to do. Receivers are being made every day. Orders are being filled in accordance with: #1 Receiver Model (1921Early, 1921 Late, 1928, M1, M1A1 etc.), #2 Receiver Type (Display or Ultimax) and #3 Order Date.

It really helps if you know what you ordered. Sometimes that is difficult because I have come out with new models and discontinued others. To call me and say "This is Sam Spade. When will I get a receiver?" Doesnít help because I havenít a clue. I would have to look through hundreds of orders looking for Sam Spade. On the other hand if you call and say "This is Sam Spade. When will my 1921 Early Style Ultimax receiver be ready?", I might be able to say something intelligent (on a good day).

All orders for receivers other than 1928s have been confirmed. On the 1928s, if the order was for a receiver with Lock Ramps & Bevels, I converted the order to Ultimax because Lock Ramps & Bevels are standard on Ultimax and not available on the new ESF Display receivers.

Where there was any doubt as to what was wanted, I called for confirmation. If that is not what you would have wanted me to do, call me. What seems to be confusing people is that they think that if I have 1928 Display receivers available, I must also have Ultimaxes available. Why, I donít know because they are two different receivers. I believe there are 1928 Display receivers available right now (where did I just say ULTIMAX? Nowhere!!!! but some one will call absolutely sure I said 1928 Ultimaxes are available for immediate delivery. I know itís frustrating, but I can not make receivers any faster than I am and I do appreciate your patience. The good news is that people who have receiver the new ESF receivers tell me it was worth the wait.

Non-1928 Receivers Available

This week I called every person who has a Colt on order for final payment. If you have a Colt on order and havenít heard from me, call me at 310-457-6400. I believe there are both early and late 1921s and M1s and M1A1s, all in both Display and Ultimax, available right now. I wonít know for sure until I get back to California. There are also some M2s that are being finished now and which are available. 2M2 receivers will be started next month and will be made along with more 1928s.

Dial Indicating Firing Pin Protrusion Gage (27 April 13)

In the course of writing the Workshop Manual, I realized that this tool some how got overlooked. I made a few changes to the design. I hope to have these available soon. The price will be $28 including the 2" dial indicator. It is a handy little tool and a must have when you need it. This tool will complete my Thompson tools selection. More later when I have a picture.

Non-Colt Receivers (20 Apr 13)I think there are still some 1928 Display and M1 & M1A1 Display and Ultimax receivers available for immediate shipment although I havenít gone through any mail for orders since I left for Belize.  This is almost the ultimate work-from-home situation.  By the way, I answer my California phone in Belize so no one even knows I have left the U.S.  And receivers are being made without me being there.

Colt Receivers (20 Apr 13)Iím going to start calling everyone from Belize that has a Colt receiver on order.  It is time to collect the balance on them in order to finish them up.  I can not finish the markings until the receiver is paid for because as soon as a serial number is on them, they are a custom receiver.  That doesnít mean that I ship a receiver as soon as the check clears.  It means I start finishing them.  I know people are going to call and say their check cleared yesterday and I said I would ship as soon as I received payment.  Of course I never said that but that doesnít matter.  People will still call.  Thatís why I really donít  like putting serial numbers on receivers. 

Website (20 Apr 13)Since Madalon and I are together we have been able to go through the website.  Since I donít use the website as a catalog, there is really no ongoing editing to keep it current.  All the new information added about the ESF receivers conflicted with other information about receivers.  People were getting confused.  So we cleaned out a lot of old stuff.  It is not conflicting within itself any more but it needs an overhaul.  One more thing to do when I have time.

Workshop Manual (20 Apr 13)Iím in Belize right now.  Belize is the only place I can find uninterrupted blocks of time to work on the Manual.  The first draft is finished.  When I get back to California, I will work at getting all the illustrations together.  There wonít be as many as I would like but that is the way it always is, The Manual is now just over 100 pages.  I want to keep it between 100 and 120 pages.  After all this time, the Manual is a reality.  It will probably take at least one more trip to Belize to finish it.  I want to finish it because there is nothing available to walk people through working on the gun.

Week Ending 5 April 13) 

I will be shipping a lot of orders next Tuesday.  They are ready to go.  I am using my new system of including a copy of the marked up order where any item is not included.  Who says you can't teach an old DOuG new tricks?

My vision continues to improve and I think cataract surgery and new glasses would help.  My vision will never get really good.  I doubt if I will ever get above "legally blind".  This week I got my white/red "blind " cane.  It will help me with curbs and steps but is mostly to make other people aware that I am a menace.  It also makes a good weapon.

Work on the Colt receivers is nearing completion.  It's taking longer than I originally anticipated.  Both because I underestimate the cost and time it takes to do everything and because I added receivers to the mix to be sure to cover every Colt order.  I don't like putting serial numbers on receivers because it makes every receiver a custom receiver so I have to be paid in full before the model/serial number markings panel is engraved and then blued.  Therefore, I will be calling every one who has a Colt on order in about 30 days.  I will not hold everyone up waiting for a couple of people to pay for their receiver so please plan ahead.  If a receiver is not paid for when I start the engraving, that order will be bypassed and moved over to the next run of receivers.
(6 Apr 13)   Stolen Mail I'm still finding out about more stolen checks.  I thought we had gotten past that then another comes to light.  Anybody that mailed me an order in December should make sure that I got it.   Any check to me that is endorsed with "Pay to the order of" is a stolen & forged check.  Any check with the name "Brady" in the endorsement is a stolen & forged check. Any check to me that was deposited in the USAA bank is a stolen & forged check.  Apparently, the USAA bank has little or no concern about accepting 3rd party endorsed checks which any reputable bank would flag.  Don't expect the Post Office or FBI to care about stolen mail.  Local police departments won't do anything either.  It's going to get worse as increasing Government corruption and dishonesty trickles down.  Just remember that there is no way a forged check can be made good.  It is the bank's responsibility not to accept forgeries even though they will sometimes deny responsibility.  So far, I am not aware of any bank (checks) or the Post Office (money orders) that has refused to make good once they have the evidence that a forgery is involved.


(30 Mar 13)  Better Order Response  Madalon got after me about doing a better job of keeping people aware of what is going on.  These blogs seem to have helped a lot to do that.  But, I have not done a very good job of documenting what I have done with orders that result in something being back ordered. 

To improve that situation, I am now making a photocopy of every order that is not completely filled showing what was done and sending the copy back with the order.  It would seem that is something that should always have been done but in my frenzy to get things done I didn't consider the customer as much as I should have. 

Also, most customers do not keep a copy of their order which I find incredible.  So now it will not be necessary to guess what  the order was for or what I did because the customer will have a complete record of his order and what was done if the order is not completely filled at the time.

(30 Mar 13)    Folding Stock on Thompson I mentioned before that I was fascinated by the idea of fitting an UZI folding stock on the Thompson.

Further study of this has convinced me that it is a very practical idea.  However, to make it look clean and proper rather than like an awkward add-on, it will require a modification to the design of the rear end of the receiver.  It turns out that the changes required are easy for me to do.  No new fixtures or cutters are required - only a simple program change.  Therefore, the receiver price would not change.  The modifications to the frame (trigger housing) are more involved.  If I were making frames like I used to do, the changes would be as simple as they are for the receiver.  However, it seems at this time that an M1 frame can be fairly easily modified to accept the stock but will add additional cost.  Anyway, I am pursuing this project at a totally non-interfering with backorders policy. 

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in having.

Mar 26 2013  Receivers Ready to Ship  Apparently the word has not gotten out that I have receivers sitting on the shelf ready to ship.  People call and are in disbelief that I can send them a receiver.  Now that's not all models.  There are no 1928 Ultimax receivers available.  Those are being made every day to fill orders that have been waiting a long time.  But M1/M1A1s, 1928 Display and Late 1921s are available now.  If you want one of those, print out the Receiver Order Form on the website ( , fill it out to the extent you can and then call me at 310-457-6400 for final details and pricing. 

Mar 25 2013 End Mills I now have both the 1/2"D and 5/16"D end mills in stock.  These are the ones I have specially custom made to my specifications.  I was forced to do this because I just could not find the exact types I needed.  The 5/16" is a 5 flute in order to provide the stifness needed to cut to the bottom of the bolt channel without deflection. I use it to get into the corners of the bolt channel without the excessive size they used to use on the M1s and is just larger enough than the ones used to make the corners on the 1921s.  So, I find it the perfect size to make all models.  I finalized the contract with the Japanese to make the 1/8"W (lock ramp) and 1/4"W (horizontal side slots) T-slot cutters.  These will be typical long shank T-slot cutters but made to very high quality at a good price by eliminating the "middleman". (I hate that guy.)  I will offer them both as  received and as modified in the U.S. for the specific Thompson applications.


Mar 25 2013  Pre-ESF 2S (semi-auto) Receivers
I have several 2S Shop receivers that were never finished before I switched over to ESF receivers.  They do not have bolt handle slots and are not blued or marked.  The original Catalog price was $535.  I will sell them for $350 each because I can not go back and finish them.  Also, I am working on my 3rd generation 2S Ultimax design so these do not fit into my product plan,  But to the person who can finish them to his own plan, these represent a real bargain.


25 Mar 2013 Thompson (UZI) Folding Stock
I have always admired the UZI folding stock design.  It therefore stands to reason that I would try to figure out how to fit it to a Thompson.  I believe I have come up with a really good design but it would require a special receiver and require the frame to be modified.  I'm wondering if  it's only me or if anyone else would want that configuration?????


15 Mar 2013 Milling Cutters There has been more interest and orders for the 1/4" wide x 1" diameter Long Shank T-Slot Cutters than I had anticipated.  These are cutters I use everyday in the manufacture of 1921/28, 2M2, 2MM & 2S Ultimax receivers.  It is also the best cutter for licensed manufacturers to use to finish those receivers into shooting guns.  The 1/8" wide version is for making lock ramps.  Since lock ramps are included in my Ultimax receivers so there isn't much demand for that size.  If you need one of those, let me know.
Because of my never ending effort to use only the best cutters and the demand for these, I have contracted with a company in Japan to make them to my specifications.  This will cause a delay in being able to fill orders but it will be worth it.
This completes the cycle.  Now all the cutters I offer are being custom made to the exact Thompson specifications and are of the best quality I can get.
By the way, this is the first blog I have been able to write myself in months.  My vision is improving.  Even so, it will never be good. 

Mar. 8, 2013 Orders My vision has improved to the point where I can barely read.  I have been able to go thru all the parts orders that have been piling up.  Today I mailed most all of the parts orders. I cannot yet see well enough to do Colt sales and shipping information letters.  If you are waiting for parts from me and haven't received your parts orders from me that I would have received before March 1 in a week, give me a call.  This has nothing to do with receivers.


Mar. 5, 2013  Orders   I am just barely able to fill orders. Even with help there is no possible
way I can make parts when I run out. Therefore it would be best to call and  confirm that I have the items in stock that you want.  If my vision improves and we get caught up on receivers my associate may be able to make other parts.  But at this time I do not know what will happen.


Mar. 2, 2013  Vision  The 3 emergency surgeries were apparently successful.  My eye pressure is now normal and my vision is Improving.  There is no problem making receivers but I cannot make any of my catalog products when I run out.
I am having a great deal of difficulty trying to fill parts orders because I can't read them.

Feb. 23, 2013 28A1Ultimax Receivers Yesterday, another 1,000 lbs. of receiver  steel arrived.  It has already been cut in segments ready to go on the automatic machines.  The early Colt receivers should be mostly done by Mon. or Tues.
At that time, 1928 A1 Ultimax receiver production will be re-started.  Mostly all other receiver models are in stock ready for immediate shipment.

Feb. 16, 2013 Vision  Apparently, the third emergency eye surgery following the original surgery to implant a pressure relieving shunt, was successful .
My eye pressure for two weeks was zero, it is now three.  When it reaches ten, I should have some vision.  Right now, I am near totally blind.  Needless to say, it is extremely difficult for me to handle the mail orders or other paperwork.  I am getting some help with that but not enough to keep things up to date.  However receiver production continues at the highest.  We are finishing up the last of the Colt receivers and then we will resume production of 1928A1s.

Feb. 16, 2013  Milling cutters.  I have been frustrated by what is available even after modification . I am therefore having the special cutters manufactured to my specifications.  These will include: 

1.  1" D  x 1/4" W long shank T-slot for cutting the rough and side pockets on 1921/1928s. 
2.  1"D x 1"Dx 1/8"W long shank T slot for cutting lock ramps. 
3. 1/2" D x .030" corner radius x 1  1/2" flute length for profiling the bolt channel on all receivers and the breech oiler cavity on 1921/1928s. 
4.  5/16D x 5 flutes x 1  3/8" flute length for finishing the ends of the bolt channel.

This cutter is larger than the 1/4" D cutter called out for the 1921/1928 A1s and smaller than the 11/32"D called out for M1/M1A1s.  The use of this cutter results in better bolt channel corners on all receivers.

Sometimes it's just easier to have made exactly what you want but, of course, the quantity has to be great enough to result in a reasonable price.

Feb. 13, 2013  Double Sided  This M1 Ultimax Receiver has the bolt handle slot on both sides.  This enables the shooter to install the Bolt Handle on either side of the gun.  This is a standard option shown in my Catalog.  Maybe all M1/M1A1s should have been made this way?



Doug said (2 Feb 13): They made a 1928 Aluminum receiver similar to the ones made by Savage in 1941 or later.

Doug Richardson (1 Feb 13): Doug had 2 surgeries this week.  An eye surgery and hernia surgery.  There were complications with the eye surgery.  This resulted in an emergency 3rd surgery.

It is unknown at this time whether the emergency surgery was successful.  He is not able to use a computer for emails.  However Madalon will monitoring the emails.  If it is important to talk to him call 310 457-6400 and leave a message.  He will try to listen to the messages from time to time and call back if it seems that a response cannot wait.

It will be the middle of next week at least before Doug will be able to function normally.  He is able to supervise receiver production in the shop intermittently .
Early Colts are half finished, M2s are in final work, M1 and M1a1 and some 1928a1s are ready for shipping,  however he cannot fill any orders at this time.

Address (26 Jan 13):  My new mailing address is:
                                Douglas W. Richardson
                                P.O. Box 3364
                                Chatsworth, CA 91313-3364
Please use this address for all mail as I no longer trust the mail delivery security


Vision (23 Jan 13):  Unfortunately, I have now been declared legally blind.  It is extremely difficult for me to do much of anything.  I can not do e-mails any more.  (Typos corrected by Madalon)

To communicate with me it is best to call me at 310-457-6400 between 9AM & 9PM.  I will be having eye surgery Monday but there isn't much hope.  Fortunately, I developed the Ultimax receiver because I could not do that now and I have help now to make them. We are making early Colts now.

.Mail Theft 3 (24 Jan 13): It is Los Angeles Police Department Incident Repost #130124002206

Mail Theft 2 (23 Jan 13):  Apparently the mail theft occurred some time during the 1st  two weeks of December.  How or where or the area involved is unknown to me.  I reported this to the Postal Inspector @ 877-876-2455.  It is case #CA111733553.  Call them if you have any information. 


Mail Theft (22 Jan 13): I have received information that a mail theft occurred around Dec. 15.  I know that mail to me was involved because, among other things, applications for credit cards in my name have been applied for.  Checks sent to me may also be involved.  Understand that it was not me who was robbed.  The theft occurred before the mail got to me. If you think you may have been a victim call me (310-457-6400).  Because I was in Belize from Dec. 24 until just a couple of days ago.  (My mail is regularly picked up and held for me.), I do have checks and orders here that I have not had time to process

Workshop Manual (18 Jan 13): I'm back from Belize with what may be a 90% finished manual.  I will print it out and add the illustrations from my files.  Then we will see what we have.  I would really like to get the manual published as soon as possible.


Workshop Manual (11 Jan 13): I have been working on my "Workshop Manual" book while I am in Belize. I had gotten a lot more done on it than I had remembered. Perhaps one of the reasons I have not been working on it was because I had not finalized my receiver designs and so did not know what I heeded to include in the book to help people finish my receivers. But now that my new line of ESF receiver designs have been finalized and the response has been so overwhelmingly positive, I can proceed with the "Shop Manual" book.

I realize from going over the first draft of the book that there is a wealth of information already in it of value to people as it is. That is motivation in itself for me to get going toward finishing the book. Unfortunately, my poor eyesight is a real handicap in trying to write a book but it has to be done. Iím tired of having to tell people that there really isnít anything available to tell them how to work on a Thompson gun. Iím also tired of hearing sad tales of how some "gunsmith" "expert on Thompsons" screwed up another Thompson because he didnít know what he was doing.

Thompsons are very easy to work on. There is no reason why any Thompson owner possessing basic shop skills and a few tools can not do most anything to his gun that needs to be done. All that is needed is a comprehensive how-to-do-it book. Iím on it. But I also am behind on a lot of other things that need to be done so I will do the best I can.


Belize & M1 Receivers (4 Jan 12):  I left for Belize Dec.24 for 3 weeks.  I did send out everything I could  before I left so those mailings should have arrived by now.  I brought with me all the orders for M1 and M1A1 receivers and have called everyone who has one of those on order.  Those receivers are being engraved during my absence.  Any one who has an M1 or M1A1 on order who I did not call should call me at 310-457-6400 which rings in Belize now.  Belize time is the same as Texas.


M1A1 Set (24 Dec 12):  I have a stash of nice M1/M1A1 trigger housings.  I plan on matching them with Ultimax barreled receivers. Each receiver will be marked including the serial number of the trigger housing.  They will be priced at the sum of the regular option prices except that the extra cost of the serial number will be $50. 
This plan enables me to offer serial numbered receivers without getting myself entangled with custom serial number.

Belize (23 Dec 12):  I will be leaving for Belize tomorrow.  Using the miracle of magicJack, my Malibu phone (310) will ring in Belize. I'll be back around January 17.


ESF Receivers (23 Dec 12):  All production will now be Early Colt Display and Ultimax and WW2 1928 Ultimax receivers as I have caught up on all other TSMG models.


M1/M1A1 ESF Receivers (23 Dec 12):  All orders for these receivers will be filled by the end of January.  I will be calling those people who have one on order for order finalization and payment.

Milling Cutters (23 Dec 12): I am in the process of upgrading the 1/4" X 1"D Long Neck T-Slot cutter and the 5/16"D end mill cutter.  Increased receiver production has enabled me to get more demanding since I use more cutters.  The T-Slot cutter will now be made of high speed steel with a really good coating to reduce wear.  I have replaced the 5/16"D end mill with my own design which I am having custom made.  They will have 5 flutes for increased rigidity and the same coating as the T-Slot cutter.  Both will be available mid-January.  Nowhere in the drawings is there a direct call for the 5/16"D cutter.  The 1921 bolt channel front corners use a 1/4:D cutter.  The M1 bolt channel corners use a 11/32"D end mill.  I feel the 1/4" is too small and the 11/32" is too large.  So, I use the special 5/16" cutter for all bolt channel corners.  I believe this creates a better result.  Auto-Ordnance could not do this because coated carbide (very stiff) cutters were not available.  I can't improve on the 1/2"D end mill I offer, so that will remain unchanged. These cutters are primarily for shops making their own receiver.  My new Ultimax receivers are designed to eliminate the need for special cutters for those licensed manufacturers finishing one of my Ultimax receivers.



ESF Receivers Interior (12 Dec 12): This photo shows the interior of 1921/28 ESF receivers fitted with Display Pilots.  The top photo is a Display model.  The lower photo is an Ultimax receiver.  The receivers are shown before bluing to better show the features.  These photos should answer the question which was posed as to how I could possibly finish the rear end of the bolt channel and still fit a Display Pilot.  The answer is that I redesigned my pilot to work with ESF receivers.  Some 1928 ESF receivers have been shipped.  1928 ESF Display receivers and Late Colt are available for "immediate" delivery.  Other models are being finished now but I will be behind on 1928 ESF Ultimax and Early Colt receivers for a while.



SAR Show (12 Dec 12):  We were unable to attend the SAR show in Phoenix.  I could not drive much because of my deteriorating vision.  Madalon came back to California to do the driving but at the last minute we realized that she was in too much pain from her back problems to do all the driving.  Getting old is not fun!  I don't know whether I will be able to attend next year.  It will depend on what help I have available at the time.


ESF Receivers (16 Nov 12):  I have been amazed at the response to my announcement about my new line of ESF receivers.  Apparently, I am now doing what people have been wanting me to do for years.  But, I also seem to have opened Pandora's box.  People have asked for delivery time, pictures and all sorts of information. 
As things stand now, I have no finished ESF receivers that I can photograph.  As soon as I can, I will post pictures.  I will be shipping ESF Display and Ultimax WW2 1928A! receivers next week.  Not enough to wipe out my backorders. 

Late Colts will be finished in about 2 weeks.  There will be enough to fill all backorders for Late Colts and enough extras to fill new orders from inventory. 

M1 and M1A1s will be ready to ship in about 3 weeks. There will be enough of them to go into inventory to fill new orders without delay. 

M2s will be finished in about 3 weeks with enough to fill all backorders and some extra for inventory. 

In about 1 week, I will start making Early Colts, 2M2s and 2MMs with enough to fill all back orders and extras for inventory.  Also, WW2 1928A1s will be restarted at about the same time with production continuing until all back  orders are filled and I have extras.

You can see where this is going. I expect  that by early next year to be shipping all models of receivers from inventory with no wait.  This has been a long time in coming and is only possible because I finally got the help that I needed. 

This is particularly important at this time because it seems I have lost the battle to save my vision which is now steadily deteriorating.  It was very important to me not to let down the people who have stood by me for so long waiting for a receiver.  I wanted their wait to have been worth it and I think I have done that with ULTIMAX.    


Serial Numbers (15 Nov 12): I discontinued putting serial numbers on my receivers because it was just too much trouble.  You will notice from the ESF Receiver information that I am once again offering to put serial numbers on Colt receivers -  ONLY COLTS - because the Colt serial numbers have special significance.  In order to make this happen with any sort of reasonableness, I plan to engrave the Colt receivers with every thing except the model/serial number markings panel.  Then when I get enough fully paid orders to justify it, I will take the receivers back to engraving to add the missing panel.  Since we will only be doing the one panel, the time involved won't be near as long as it takes to do the whole receiver.  But, this will not be quick.  It may add months to the delivery time.




Colt Receivers (14 Nov 12): Everybody who has a Colt Receiver order with me please phone me @ 310 457-6400.













M1A1 Barreled Shop Receivers


                                                                     1921 Colt Barreled Display Receivers

                                        With Colt #1 Markings And Fitted With Display Bolt Handles & Pilots





M1A1 Display Receivers Fitted with Display Bolt Handles & Pilots



1928A1 Display Receivers Fitted With Display Bolt Handles & Pilots










































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August 23, 2007