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This is my (Douglas W. Richardsonís) website which is dedicated to the Thompson Submachine Gun (also known as the "Thompson", "Thompson SMG", "TSMG", "Thompson Gun" and "Tommy Gun") manufactured from 1919 through 1944 by Colonel Thompsonís Auto- Ordnance Corporation (A.O.C.). The Auto-Ordnance Corporation ceased to exist in 1944 when it became a division of Maquire Industries. The Auto-Ordnance Corporation was never sold to anyone. All patents had expired and the trademarks abandoned to the public domain. Any gun called a "Thompson" made after 1944 is a reproduction or, if claimed to be an original "Thompson", is a fake. I am not an expert on non-real "Thompson" guns. No real Thompson was ever manufactured as a semi-auto although a small quantity of machine guns were modified to fire semi-automatically only. These few collector guns are considered to be machine guns by the U.S. Government because the removal of one part returns the gun to fire fully automatically. A chronological summary history of the Auto-Ordnance Corporation is included in this website.

A biography of Doug Richardson as related to Thompson is included in this website. However, a summarization relative to the situation today, is that after 70 plus years of being in the Thompson business (actually more of a hobby gone out of control), my age and failing eyesight make it necessary that I begin to close down most operations. I will continue to manufacture receivers and some related components because I have help with that. Most of my other products will no longer be made and will not be available after present inventories are exhausted. This is going to be an ever increasing problem as original parts become unavailable and people try to make parts without the original drawings and specifications or the willingness to do it right. I am the only one who has all the original drawings and specifications for all models of Thompson guns and was willing to make replacement parts that are totally authentic. I would like to find someone to take over but so far I have been unable to find anyone with the ability, money and, most importantly, the passion for Thompson that is essential.

Because of my vision problems, I have difficulty with letters and e-mails. I can make out letters and orders if the font is bold like Ariel Rounded MT Bold if in 12 point size or larger or a Papermate black fiber Flair pen is used. Feel free to telephone me. I return all calls with numbers I can understand. If you feel that a reply is over due, try again. But please remember that I am not a fully staffed e-commerce operation shipping an hour after the order is received. I go to the Post Office once a week to ship orders.